Wind Gusts in November

According to an article posted by The Flume, there were “winds up to 109 mph” that hit Park County November 12th and 13th.  To view the entire article and see pictures of the damage, left click on the words “The Flume“.

A huge thank you to all of the crews braves enough to go out into that wind and take care of us!

If you have any pictures of the wind damage, please send them to me at and I will post them on this blog.  If you have any stories to tell, please type them in the “Leave a comment” area below and share them with us!

Daylight Savings Time

It is time again to “fall back” by an hour in the autumn! 

Remember to set your clocks “back” an hour this weekend either before you go to bed Saturday night, November 5th, or in the morning of Sunday, November 6th.  This means you can either get an extra hour of sleep or extra time for breakfast!