May 2012 Association Meeting

The Elk Creek Highlands / Meadows Property Owners Association will meet at 7:00 PM, Wednesday, May 2nd, in the Association Building at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey.

Monthly reports will be given by manager.  Plans will begin for a June 23rd BBQ. 

The west end of the pond has been cleaned and free dirt is available by the road.  Please take what you want soon as a final cleanup will be done in early May.

Water runoff continues and the level of the pond is improving.  Good fishing has been reported.  Remember to have your fishing permits visible.

Elk Creek Highlands / Meadows residents are encouraged to join in support of ECHPOA.  Membership dues go for the payment of taxes, insurance, and upkeep of the Association properties.  Renters may also become members.  Dues for the calendar year of 2012 are $35.00 plus $25.00 for fishing privileges.   

Please call 303-838-7768 for additional information.

Bluebird of Unhappiness

Joyce Deming submitted these pictures she took of a resident bluebird while he displays signs of being quite put out with another bluebird “living” in the side view mirrors of their vehicle and infringing on his territory!  She explains “They don’t really show him going berserk with his reflection in the mirror (nor the bird poop all over the side of the car!), but I guess folks can use their imagination.  He must have spent at least two hours dive-bombing and flapping at his reflection.  We finally moved the car into the shade as we were afraid he’d bash in his little bird brain!”

She further explains “I guess it’s not all that uncommon for bluebirds to get so defensive.  I found a couple of things online about how territorial they can get:”

While we are on the subject of birds, what about all the resident crows?  How smart do you think they really are?  If you want to see an amazing video online about crows be sure to go to TED Talks and watch “Joshua Klein on the intelligence of crows” at:

Moose in the Neighborhood

Gregg and Kathy Pearson caught this moose nibbling on a neighbor’s tree by Miners Way and West Crosscut last Sunday afternoon!  To view more of their amazing pictures go to the Moose page under the above Photo Gallery menu option.

At about the same time, we too caught a glimpse of another moose and young calf, maybe born last year, west of the ECHPOA pond just before disappearing into the aspen grove.  Joyce Deming emailed me and said she had also seen the pair munching on willows along Church Fork of Elk Creek just south of Camp Rosalie.  We, unfortunately, were not as lucky to get any pictures.

How exciting and beautiful it is to live in this neighborhood!

More pictures and video to share!

Ken Perdew submitted pictures from when they recently cleaned the pond.  Go to the Fishing Pond page under the Photo Gallery menu option to view more.  Make sure you notice the “supervisors!”

David Lutter submitted a link to the video he made of the crew from Splintered Forest clearing trees around his house for Fire Mitigation.  Go to and watch how quickly and accurately it was down!  Being a city girl, I had never seen this artistry before!

Thank you both for helping me to keep our blog new and interesting!  If you have something you would also like to share with the community, you can either send it to my email at or type it in the Leave a Comment section down below this posting.

Spring has Sprung and the Fish are Jumping

The pond water level has been rising with the spring runoff and this week’s snow fall also helped!  This picture of the pond and feeding the fish was submitted by Ken Perdew.  He says the fish are more active each time he feeds them!

We want to hear your opinion on how we might improve the pond area.  Adding playground equipment and building a shelter are just two of the suggestions that have already been made.  Please send us your wish list either by mail or submit it by using the comment area below.  All suggestions within our budget will be considered and ideas counted!

Do you need fertilizer for your yard or garden? FREE pond dirt is available and piled at the west end of the pond.  Take as much as you want as soon as possible, there is a deadline.  We have made arrangements for any amount remaining to be removed after April 30, 2012.

There is also FREE equine fertilizer available in the corral area.  Please contact Meg Wood at 303-895-1057 to make arrangements to come and pick it up.

Many thanks for all the money donations that have been coming in!  Your generosity is very much appreciated and has made it possible for us to pay for the recent pond excavating expense!  Money donations (ANY amount) are still being accepted for other property improvements on the Association building, at the pond, and in the corral area. 

Please send to ECHPOA, 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey,CO  80421.

ECHPOA Board of Directors – 303-838-7768

Minutes of the ECHPOA monthly meeting held on April 4, 2012 are now available and ready to be viewed under the Meeting Minutes & Newsletter menu option above.

What a difference 2 days makes……


These pictures were submitted by David Lutter.  Temperatures were in the 70’s this weekend and now we have the much needed snow fall today!    David also has a new weather station posted on the internet for all of us to view everything we want to know about the weather; temperature, wind speed, humidity!  Check it out at, click on the Station Select button, and choose Elk Creek Highlands for his recorded local information!

David also has a new production studio website called Elk Creek Media where he has uploaded some wonderful videos he has taken of the animals and beautiful scenery around our pond!  Make sure you take some time to view his Critters visit the Highlands, number 17, to see footage of a Moose and her calf wadding in the water!  It is well worth the click at  I also thoroughly enjoyed his Life at 9000 Feet, number 14, of mountain views and geese at

Many thanks to David for sharing these two websites with us for our enjoyment and his dedication to the neighborhood!