It is so wonderful to be in the mountains and away from the big cities!  The stars are brighter, the air is fresher, the sounds are softer, the fall trees have more color, and the wildlife is more abundant!  Neighbors have recently seen moose grazing by the pond, deer browsing on a bush, a coyote running across the driveway, and a fox looking for rodents.  Sometimes we may only see the evidence wildlife has left behind.  Such as a garage door broken by a bear, a trash can knocked over or a humming bird feeder pulled down by either a bear or raccoon.  Sometimes the evidence may only be paw prints.  We have seen raccoon paw prints on our deck after playing in our plastic swimming pool.  Sometimes we may only hear the sounds of wildlife.  In Denver I have heard the mating sounds of raccoons and it sounds just like house cats fighting!  Many of our neighbors have heard what they say sounds like a woman screaming.  During our last monthly Association Meeting there was a discussion about whether or not those screams from under the deck were either a mountain lion or a fox.  After much research on the internet I am happy to say it is more likely to be a fox and not a mountain lion.  A rabbit will also give a frightening scream when injured.  Below are pictures of animals that live in our area.  If you move your mouse over the picture, the name of the website where I found the picture will appear.  If you click on the picture you will link to a .wav file, or sound bit stream, of that animal.  Your computer will need to have speakers and audio software installed such as Windows Media Player in order to open and hear a .wav file.  I encourage you to look for more wildlife sounds on the internet and if you find one that sounds like something you have heard in our neighborhood, please send the link to me at, and I will add it to our blog!

Fox                                                                             Coyote


Mountain Lion                                                          Bobcat


Deer                                                                            Moose


Elk                                                                               Black Bear



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