The Colorado Parks and Wildlife CommissionColorado Parks & Wildlife - Bear are warning residents to take precautions now that the black bears are emerging from their winter dens.  Residents can help keep bears wild and reduce human-bear conflicts by eliminating the availability of human food such as pet food, bird feeders, and garbage cans.  Bears can smell food odors from miles away and will go into areas where human food is easy to obtain.  It is best when bears obtain their food in the wild, and will likely spend more time in the wilderness and away from homes if residents remove human food sources.  Here are a few suggestions:

–     Obtain a bear-resistant trash can and put garbage out on the morning of pickup.

–     Clean trash cans often and freeze food scraps before tossing to eliminate food odors.

–     Do not leave pet food or feeding bowls outside.

–     Suspend bird feeders high above the ground and bring them in at night.

The “Bears are Out; Be Bear Aware this Summer” article was published by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, 3:59 pm.  To read the whole article, click on the underlined title above.

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