August 6, 2014 Association Meeting

NewsThe Elk Creek Highlands/Meadows Property Owners Association will meet at 7 PM, Wednesday, August 6th in the Association Building at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey.

All residents, including full time renters, are encouraged to attend as regular monthly reports will be given.  Also, information about completion of the new dock on the pond and roofing replacement for the building will be presented.

For additional information call 303-838-7768.

Finding a Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

Rainbow1-07152014On Tuesday evening, July 15th, we were driving east on County Road 43, or Deer Creek Road, and watched this double rainbow follow us down through the valley.  The End of the Rainbow was in the middle of the field.  The Pot of Gold was the entire experience!  I have never seen colors so bright, or been that close to a rainbow!  There was a slight rain fall and the sun behind us was not covered by the clouds!  Our pictures are not able to show the true brilliancy of the colors we could see with our own eyes, but wanted to share this experience with you anyway!  To see more pictures of this double rainbow, go to the Rainbows page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

You Got Deer?

Nancy Lutter sent me some wonderful pictures deer1 7-14-2014of our neighborhood wildlife!  All of her pictures can be seen by going to the Photo Gallery menu option above and clicking on the Deer page to see a buck and young fawn hanging out by their deck this past week, the Fox page to see a pair sleeping in their snow drift last winter, and the Moose page to see the male she spotted down at our pond last month, and the moose her friend spotted down by the highway 43/47 split last year.  Thank you Nancy for sharing these with us!

Beavers and Moose and Bears, Oh My!

by Joyce Demingbeaver

On July 2, Scott Murdoch, a District Wildlife Manager for Colorado Parks & Wildlife, addressed a small, but enthusiastic group at our monthly ECHPOA meeting.

Scott said Parks & Wildlife (P&W) would be glad to help us reintroduce beavers to our wetland/beaver pond , but cautioned that is wasn’t as simple as trapping beavers from another area and moving them here.  First, ECHPOA would have to gain permission from property owners a mile above and below the wetland area whose properties are adjacent to the creek.  This would include the National Forest Service.   If one property owner objects, P&W would not import any beavers.

In addition, P&W would perform a habitat assessment prior to reintroduction to ensure there was adequate habitat and to see if there were already beavers in the area.  Reintroductions are generally not successful if there is already an established beaver colony.

If permissions were obtained and the assessment showed the area to be adequate, P&W would introduce 4-5 beavers in the spring.  Scott said they transplant that many beavers because it’s very hard to determine a beaver’s sex as their sex organs are all internal.  He indicated we are too late to import beavers this year as they would not have time to build up ample food stores before winter.

Scott said if we decided to try and repair the dam ourselves, we would first need to get a 404 permit from the Army Corp of Engineers.  (The permit gets its name from Section 404 of the Clean Water Act.) These permits are required anytime work is done in a wetland area.  We would also need to get permission from The Denver Water Board as they own the water rights.

In other wildlife news, Scott warned us to be very careful of moose in the area.  He said there have been a number of human/moose “interactions” across the state including one fatality.  He advised everyone to keep their dogs on a leash.  The majority of moose attacks occur when an off-leash dog runs up on a moose and the moose chases it back to the owner.

As far as bears are concerned, Scott said they need to eat 20,000 calories a day, so it’s important to make sure you’re not inadvertently providing those calories.  Keep birdseed, horse grain, and dog food in metal containers in secure locations.  Avoid putting your trash out the night before collection.  There is lots of good information about bear-proofing your home on the P&W website at:

Thanks to Jeff DeBerry for arranging Scott Murdoch’s visit.

Posing at the Pond

Blue Heron2-7-6-2014Jana Coughlin submitted these pictures of a Mallard Duck and Great Blue Heron posing at the pond Sunday morning, July 6th.  To see more pictures go to theMallard Duck1-7-6-2014 Birds page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.  We are so lucky to be able to enjoy the peace and nature of the ECHPOA community property!