Spring Cleaning?

Are you spring cleaning and have found you spring cleaninghave too much stuff?  Please consider donating to the Elk Creek Highlands/Meadows Property Owners Association!  Below is a partial list of “stuff” we need.  If you have something that is not on the list and you think we could use, please let us know.  Please contact either Paul Ellis at 720-903-0502 or Charles Banks at 303-838-4070 to make arrangement for delivery.  Please do not just drop it off at the building.  Your donations will help in so many ways to maintain our community property!  Thank you!

Building supplies – wood (2×2, 4×4, ply board, decking, mantel to top off half wall in Association Building, unfinished log siding to repair horse shelters), insulation, nails, screws, nuts, bolts, PVC pipes (2” or larger), paint, roofing materials for horse and pond shelters)

Hand tools – pitch forks, shovels, rakes, brooms (push, sweep and dust)

Kitchen – utensils, towels, wash rags, paper napkins, paper plates

Association Building supplies – paper towels, toilet paper, light bulbs, large trash bags

Doggie bags for Pond – such as King Sooper plastic bags to stuff in receptacles

Wheel barrel or Wheel barrow

36” outside door

New flooring to replace the carpet in the Association Building

Sturdier tables to replace the ones in the Association Building

Small tractor to pull grader and move manure

Money donations to purchase supplies above


New Gangway Attached

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWith the ice melted and warm spring sunshine, Saturday, April 4th, was a great day to push the dock back into the water!  The new gangway was also assembled and attached.  Again, a big thanks to Paul Ellis for the many hours he spent to research, design, order parts, cut wood, paint and build the dock and gangway in the basement of the Association Building.  Paul would also like to thank all of those who helped with this project so that all ECHPOA members could enjoy!  Thank you Walt and Dale Wark, Charles Banks, Jeff DeBerry, Mike Felix, Karen Ellis, and Joules Brown.

What’s next?  A railing for the gangway needs to be built and installed to allow easier access from the shore.  To see more pictures of the dock and gangway being built, go to the Fishing Pond page, under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

Passed Peak

Colorado Snowpack Map 4-7-2015

The normal peak date for snowpack in Colorado is April 9th and we have passed it.  With the beautiful spring weather we have been experiencing during April, the Colorado snowpack level statewide has been melting and has dropped a whopping 27% just since March!  We are now only 65% of average statewide.  Levels are now slightly below 2013, way below last year, and seem to be following the terribly dry year trend of 2012.  Even with the gift of snow predicted for today, I am afraid we might experience lower pond levels and a dry fire season this year.  Let’s hope for a wet spring!

Colorado Snowpack Graph 4-7-2015

Bread Bad for Geese?

geese and babies 05-10-2012bWe have all either seen or enjoyed the age-old practice of feeding ducks and geese stale bread, but it is really good for them?  Canada geese are herbivorous grazers; their natural diet consists of tender grasses, other plant materials, and insects.  Wild geese are capable of finding food on their own and we do not have to worry about providing for them.  It is obvious that geese are fond of foods that provide little or no nutritional value such as bread, crackers, popcorn and pastries.  Although there have been no scientific studies that prove bread is bad for them, just like humans, our diet should not be mainly junk food.  When birds feed on bread, they may stop eating natural food sources which are more nutritious.  If you feel compelled to feed the geese, bird seed, game bird chow and cracked corn are far better than bread.  Do not rely on the geese to know what is good for them or how much they should eat, bread should only be available in moderation.  I want to thank Le Griess for inspiring me to write this article.  To learn more about Canada geese go to the Animal Facts page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.  The following websites were used as research for this posting:

http://audubonportland.org/wcc/urban/waterfowl/?searchterm=feeding geese