Do you know someone, or do you know Building Improvementssomeone that knows someone, that would be interested in being hired to help with some improvements to the Association Building?  We have a few projects that we would like completed before the community “Hot, Sweet & Spooky Harvest Party” in October and we are running out of summer!  Our current volunteers do not have the time or expertise to get these projects completed without help.  Our goal is to get some estimates of what each project would cost and then figure out what we can accomplish with the small budget we have.  Some of these projects include, but not limited to, new front steps and landing, replace flooring, repair and paint deck, and refresh wooden association emblem on the front of the building.

If you do know someone…..PLEASE send me their contact information or give them mine as soon as possible.  I would like to present proposals at the next monthly association meeting on August 5th.

Thank you for your help!  Volunteers to help on any projects are also always needed and appreciated!

Karen Ellis,, 303-514-8620, 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey, CO 80421.

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