Co-Hosted by Beaver Ponds EEC & MRHI:

Sherri Tippie, of PBS Documentary – “Leave it to Beavers” – fame is going to speak at Alma Town Hall on March 16th at 7pm.  The name of her talk is “Beaver: Nuisance or Opportunity?”

Sherri Tippie, the top live trapper of the beaver species in North America, rescues unwanted beavers in the Denver suburbs and then places them with farmers and beaver enthusiasts who eagerly provide new homes for them.  Whether displaced from their pond, now part of a new housing development, or singled out for gnawing on trees at a golf course, Tippie has relocated over 1,000 beavers to date and her chief priority remains to keep families together.  According to Tippie, “We’re asking so much of these animals and we’re displacing them.  They’ve moved into a place where they should be and we don’t want them there. So if we’re going to mess around with them then we need to treat them as well as possible and then put them at a place where they can live out their lives.”

Please join us for this engaging and inspirational talk from Sherri at the Alma Town Hall!

For more information about Beavers go to our Animal Facts page under the above Photo Gallery menu option and scroll down to the Beavers section.  To learn more about Sherri Tippie and the PBS Documentary go to

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