Water Tank Delivered

How do you deliver a new 275 gallon water tank to the horse corral without a pickup truck?




How do you get that same 130 pound tank down from the top of your Pathfinder?  Tie it up to a tree branch, drive away, and lower it down!  Paul Ellis, an amazing and crazy engineer!  Also, many thanks to Walt and Dale Wark for their help in not letting it hit him in the head!

Horse corral boarders have been hauling water from Bailey since October of last year to be in compliance with state water regulations.  Improvements to the water storage system continue to be made so that the whole process will become easier.  About 375 gallons have been hauled each week this summer.  Therefore, a second 275 gallon water tank was purchased to reduce the number of trips necessary to obtain enough water for the 8 horses currently being boarded.  It also allows for more than one person to do all the hauling.  To see more pictures of this water storage system, go to the Horses page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

New Staff Gauge

The new Staff Gauge has been installed in the pond.  It will be used to measure water levels as mandated by the State Water Commissioner. 

Many thanks to Paul Ellis, Walt Wark, and Tim Bradley for making this happen!  We also want to thank Mike Felix for donating the metal beam!

To see more pictures, go to the Fishing Pond page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

Guess what we found!

On Sunday, July 23rd, we discovered something very fresh that had been left on our driveway!  Guess what it was!   ……..Bear poop!  Unfortunately, it contained mostly items eaten out of a trash can.  See close up picture below.  Bears can smell food odors from miles away and will go into areas where human food is easy to obtain.  They will continue to return to an area where they had previously obtained food.  Do not put garbage cans out until the morning of a pickup.  Clean cans often and freeze food scraps before tossing to elimiate odors.  A 32 gallon bear-resistant trash can can be purcahsed for about $200.  For more information go to the article published on this blog called Time to be Bear Aware.

August 2, 2017 Association Meeting

The Elk Creek Highlands/Meadows Property Owners Association will meet at 7 p.m., Wednesday, August 2, in the Association Building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey.  We will discuss the Staff Gauge improvement in our pond, the status of beaver reintroduction to our wetland area, and begin scheduling horse shelter roof repairs.  Help with these repairs are greatly needed!  If you can participate, please come to this meeting and let us know!  For more information, contact Karen Ellis at 303-514-8620, or CUNColorado@aol.com.