We would like to send a special thank you to everyone listed below who sent a money donation and / or support letter to Save Our Pond!  It is because of their support that we have made it this far with our grant application to purchase augmentation water! Next step is an oral presentation next week to the Park County Board of County Commissioners.  So far we have received about 25 support letters and $2,500 in donations!  The next time you are down at the pond, enjoying what it has to offer, be sure to thank a supporter!
Alfers, Sharon and Herb Simons
Anzell-Morris, Paula
Beardsley, Mark
Behl, Barbara Jeome
Bowman, Sarah
Bradley, Tim and Currin
Brahe, Victoria
Burgett, Joe
Bryne, Amy
Castiglione, Daria
Clarkson, Greg
Cygan, Norbert
Delohey, Rox Ann and Jim
Deming, Joyce and Victor Hahn
Druliner, Doug
Ellerbrock, Allen and Jo Ann
Ellis, Paul and Karen
Flavia, Christine
Harrison, Harry and Melinda
Lederhos, Joanne
McCollough, David
Montgomery, Ed
Morris, Joseph
O’Connor, Kathleen
Peters, Mike
Ratsch, Doris
Smith, Jodi
Stein, Ted
Ulrich, Martha and Wayne
Wark, Walt and Dale
Willman, Stan

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