November 7, 2018 Association Meeting

The Elk Creek Highlands/Meadows Property Owners Association will meet at 7 p.m., Wednesday, November 7, 2018, in the basement of the Association Building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey.  Nominations for 2019 Board of Director candidates are currently being accepted, we need volunteers!  Meeting night will be the last call for Firewise related volunteer hours and expense amounts to be included this year towards community recognition.  You do not need to be a member to attend.  For more information, contact Karen Ellis at 303-514-8620, or

Bailey Wildfires – Can we get out alive?

Platte Canyon Fire has signed an agreement with the County to do work in the right-of-way.  The next step is to raise the funds and since Federal and State grant money cannot be used for roadway work, Bailey will have to come together as a community and get this done on our own.

Here is a quick summary:


When the Sheriff calls for a wildfire evacuation there will be chaos.  The call could happen at any time of day or night.  Hundreds of vehicles may be attempting to evacuate.  In the midst of this chaos, it is absolutely essential that our major evacuation routes not be in flames.


Traditional federal and state sources of funds for wildfire mitigation specifically exclude roadway mitigation.  Think of this $100,000 project as an investment in our collective safety.  Just an average of $25 from every household would get the job done.


(roadways that could become blocked by a wildfire, trapping 100’s of evacuees)

  • CR43 & Shelton Road
  • CR72, Rosalie Rd, Roland Valley Drive
  • Mt Evans Blvd & Nova Rd

If you’ve heard enough and are ready to donate to the cause go to: 

If you need more info and want to hear the whole safe evacuation story go to:

School Survey

Please take a minute and complete this quick survey.  The input is crucial for making our community schools relevant.  It doesn’t matter if you have students in the district.

From Platte Canyon School District:
We want to make sure that every citizen of our district feels that they have a voice within the schools. Please take a moment to provide feedback regarding the direction of our district moving forward. Responses are anonymous.  Please share this survey.

Heather Prewitt

Perfect Weather for a Firewise Community Work Day!

Perfect weather made for a very successful Firewise Community Work Day!  We had 11 volunteers who worked on 4 properties which included 3 very large trees and transported 6 loads of branches to the Bailey Slash Site!  Many thanks to our wonderful community members who gave up 5 and a half hours of their Saturday to help make our properties a little safer;  Sharon Alfers, Kristin Barber, Tim Bradley, Jeff DeBerry, Paul and Karen Ellis, Chris McAllister, Pat McCrary, Dale and Walt Wark, and Eric Whitcomb!  You all are the BEST!  To see more pictures, go to the Firewise page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

Firewise Community Work Day Next Saturday!

The next Firewise Community Work Day is scheduled for next Saturday, October 13, starting at 9:00 AM.  We will meet in the basement of the ECHPOA building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey, CO 80421.  Once we have a complete list of the work to be done and a number of volunteers, we will divide up and tackle multiple projects as manpower permits.

We currently have 2 ECHPOA member properties that have downed trees that need to be cut up and removed.  If you need help mitigating your property OR you would like to provide help, please contact Paul Ellis at or 720-903-0502 so work schedules can be coordinated.  You do not have to be a member to participate, however, members will have priority.

Thank you in advance to any volunteers!  You are what makes this community wonderful!

Hope to see you Saturday morning!

Paul Ellis
ECHPOA President
Firewise Lead