Wildfire Community Preparedness Day May 4th
Platte Canyon Fire and Fire Adapted Bailey (FAB) is presenting a community educational event,
“Be Aware – Prepare
Have a Firewise Home.”
This event will be held at the Platte Canyon Fire Station #2, at the top of Crow Hill, on May 4th from 2:00 to 4:00 pm. 
Come learn about: 
Ember Storms; Preparing Your Home; Explosiveness of Juniper Trees & Shrubs; Ready, Set, Go; Planning for your Kids, Elderly, Physically Challenged, Neighbors; Small and Large Animal Evacuations; Insurance; FAB and Evacuation Routes.
**FAB is comprised of Platte Canyon Fire, Centennial State Insurance Agency and the five Firewise Communities of: KZ Ranch, Elk Creek Highlands and Meadow, Deer Creek Valley Ranchos, Woodside and Burland Ranchettes. 
This article was submitted by:
Bonnie  Smith

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