To find out more about the association, how it operates and discussions among members, see prior meeting minutes

ECHPOA is organized as a non-profit Colorado Corporation. Click below for the following legal documentation:

Elk Creek Highlands/Meadows Subdivision Map – (circled numbers refer to block #, underlined numbers refer to lot #)

In order to maintain tax exempt income tax status, the POA is required to file Form 990 annually with the IRS. The board is currently working to bring the association up to current status with the IRS filing requirements. Tax returns will be posted here when they are completed and filed.

One thought on “Legal Disclosures

  1. Covenants document item 10 says no poultry. But I would like to raise egg laying chickens and possibly runner ducks on my property. I have also noticed many other homes with poultry. Please clarify the covenant on poultry/goats/llamas/alpacas etc. (All personal use pets, non-commercial)

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