Firewise Community Workday – Saturday, Aug. 3, 2019

Saturday, August 3, will be a Firewise Community Workday from 9:00 AM until noon (or past if needed).  Meet at the association basement located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey, CO  80421.

If you are interested in joining the work teams, please contact me at or call 720-903-0502 so I can make a list.

If you need help mitigating your property, please let me know at the above contact information.  We can only help those that respond and give us detailed guidance on what needs to be completed!  It is even better if you can meet at 9:00 AM and lead a sub-team to your house.

Work teams, please bring water (it gets hot), gloves, rakes, weed whackers, clippers, trash bags, ladders, limb saws, and/or chain saws if you are qualified.

If you have a flatbed trailer or pickup, we can make runs to the slash site.  There will be a small charge to each property disposing slash.

I hope to see a large group there.

We need 155 more hours of work to complete our Firewise community renewal for 2019!

Paul Ellis
Firewise Lead for ECHPOA

Firewise Community Work Day – May 18th

Mark you calendars, the next Firewise Community Work Day is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th.  We will meet at 9 a.m. in the parking lot of the ECHPOA building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey, CO 80421.  Volunteers are needed and very much appreciated!  Please remember to bring gloves and tools such as saws, branch clippers, rakes, shovels, or weed wackers.  If you need help mitigating your property please contact Paul Ellis at: or 720-903-0502.

To learn more on what it takes to achieve Recognized Firewise Community Status, click on the Firewise menu option above.  Please come help us renew our status for the 3rd year in a row!

Perfect Weather for a Firewise Community Work Day!

Perfect weather made for a very successful Firewise Community Work Day!  We had 11 volunteers who worked on 4 properties which included 3 very large trees and transported 6 loads of branches to the Bailey Slash Site!  Many thanks to our wonderful community members who gave up 5 and a half hours of their Saturday to help make our properties a little safer;  Sharon Alfers, Kristin Barber, Tim Bradley, Jeff DeBerry, Paul and Karen Ellis, Chris McAllister, Pat McCrary, Dale and Walt Wark, and Eric Whitcomb!  You all are the BEST!  To see more pictures, go to the Firewise page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.

Firewise Community Work Day Next Saturday!

The next Firewise Community Work Day is scheduled for next Saturday, October 13, starting at 9:00 AM.  We will meet in the basement of the ECHPOA building located at 86 Elk Creek Drive, Bailey, CO 80421.  Once we have a complete list of the work to be done and a number of volunteers, we will divide up and tackle multiple projects as manpower permits.

We currently have 2 ECHPOA member properties that have downed trees that need to be cut up and removed.  If you need help mitigating your property OR you would like to provide help, please contact Paul Ellis at or 720-903-0502 so work schedules can be coordinated.  You do not have to be a member to participate, however, members will have priority.

Thank you in advance to any volunteers!  You are what makes this community wonderful!

Hope to see you Saturday morning!

Paul Ellis
ECHPOA President
Firewise Lead

Firewise Community Work Day – April 28th

If you are interested in becoming involved, able to volunteer, or need volunteer help to mitigate your property, please contact our ECHPOA Firewise Committee listed below.  On Saturday, April 28th, we will all meet at 9am in the basement of the ECHPOA Building, and develop a plan of action to help our neighbors by participating in a Firewise Community Work Day.  Bring gloves and tools such as saws, rakes, shovels, and weed wackers.  We will break for lunch at noon, pizza, salad, and bottled water will be provided by ECHPOA.  Depending on the weather, we will either eat lunch at the pond or in the ECHPOA Building.  Depending on how much help we have and how much work is needed, additional work days may be scheduled and announced later.  Current ECHPOA members will have priority.  Please let us know if you will be there for lunch so we can plan on enough food.

Paul Ellis,, 720-903-0502

Tim Bradley,, 303-816-9446

Autumn Festival Cancelled

The Autumn Festival Community Social Event scheduled for August 27th has been cancelled.  It was decided at our last monthly association meeting to instead plan for a Firewise Community Work Day Firewise Communityto be held next month on Saturday, September 24th, beginning at 10:00 am. We are in the process of compiling a list of properties and needed projects such as raking pine needles, cutting grass, and gathering slash, that would help protect our houses from fire.  Anyone interested in participating, please contact Bryan Murphy, at or call 719-209-3147.  You will need to bring your own lunch and ECHPOA will provide the drinks.  Other items that will be needed are trash bags, rakes, saws, and weed wackers.  Look for more details to come.

Another Beautiful Day for a BBQ!

On Saturday, June 11th, we all2016BBQ6 enjoyed delicious food, a little wine tasting, and visiting with about 22 friends, family, and neighbors!  Many thanks to Jeff DeBerry, Bryan and Theresa Murphy for volunteering to help serve the pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches and to Dale and Walt Wark for setting up and obtaining the BBQ meat!  To see more pictures, go to the BBQ/Potluck page under the Photo Gallery menu option above.