Contact Us

For information about:

Becoming an ECHPOA Member –

Dale Wark                  303-838-4005

Karen Ellis                  303-514-8620

To join, fill out the membership form on an ECHPOA Brochure


Fishing Pond and Regulations

Allen Cook                 303-838-7252

Paul Ellis                    720-903-0502


Horse Boarding and Regulations –

Paul Ellis                    720-903-0502

Jeff DeBerry              303-816-5907

Meg Wood                 303-895-1057


Firewise Community Representative

Paul Ellis                    720-903-0502

Tim Bradley              303-816-9446


Scheduled Community Events

Dale Wark                  303-838-4005


Site Administration

Karen Ellis                 303-514-8620


The Weather Channel for Bailey, CO –


See other contacts on our Business Cards page!


To join, fill out the membership form on an ECHPOA membership brochure go to:


2 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Sandy Blaha says:

    to what mailing address should I send my dues?

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