Releasing Fish Tips

The following tips are recommended to give a fish released the best chance of survival:

  1. Use barbless hooks or flatten barbs on all hooks, this will help with the quick removal of the hook from a fish with less chance of internal injuries.
  2. Keep the fish in the water when removing the hook, the longer it is out of water the greater the chance of it being injured.
  3. Wet your hands before touching a fish, dry hands will remove the mucus that prevents bacterial infection.
  4. Cut the line when it is not possible to remove the hook, a short piece of line can greatly increase the chance of survival.
  5. Do not handle a fish with your fingers in the gill slits, they can be easily injured.
  6. Hold the fish upright underwater after removing the hook and allow it to swim away under its own power.
  7. Fish that are bleeding from the mouth or gills probably will not survive, go ahead and keep these fish.