Meeting was called to order by President Charles Banks at 7:12 P.M.  The minutes of the last meeting were read by Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was then read by Ken, showing the check book balance of $8,349.54.  There is $664.19 in the Savings Account.   Fish Fund has $2,145.71, leaving $6,868.02 in the General Fund.  There are now 42 members, 30 having fishing permits.


Membership Dues:                                  $ 1, 470.00

Fishing Permits:                                            750.00

Donations:                                                       65.00

TOTAL INCOME:            $ 2,285.00


Colorado Nat’l Gas                                     $   519.83

IREA                                                                369.57

Misc. Postmaster                                                46.00

Park Co. 2013 Property Taxes                         838.38

Staples – Printer Ink                                           22.51

Moore Lumber – Keys                                       17.39

Staples – Copies                                                   3.97

Moore Lumber – Keys                                         5.80

Chas. Banks – Fish Food Machine                   104.67

Brad Burk – Electrical Parts                               13.50

Chas. Banks – Door Knob                                  12.35

Ken Perdew – Septic Treatment material           10.00

TOTAL EXPENSES        $ 2,263.97

Following this report a question was raised about the Corral Income by Jeff DeBerry, which led to a motion by Paul Ellis that the Corral Rent should be added to this report each month.  This was seconded by Jeff DeBerry and the motion carried.  Paul then moved that we accept the Treasurer’s report, Jeff seconded and the motion carried.

POND REPORT by Charles Banks: Churchfork water is running higher.  Edges of pond are melting and it is open by the creek.  When the ice melts he will put up the fish food machine.  Karen Ellis moved we accept this report, Jana Coughlin seconded and motion carried.


BLOG REPORT by Karen Ellis:  She posted 8 articles and 4 legal documents on the blog.  There were 485 hits this month.  Jeff Deberry made motion we accept this report, seconded by Paul Ellis and carried.

CORRAL REPORT by Jeff DeBerry:  All good at the corral – horses are healthy.  Motion to accept report was made by Jason Jay, seconded by Jana Coughlin and carried.

DEPUTY REPORT by Jeff DeBerry:  Keep your vehicles locked and don’t leave things in them!  If you are summer people, don’t leave guns, jewelry, etc. in your cabins when you leave.  ATV’s and dirt bikes are not allowed on county roads.

Following this report, there was discussion on purchasing an engraver for use of Association Members.  Motion was made by Jason Jay that the Association purchase an engraver.  Karen Ellis seconded and motion carried.  Jason will purchase the engraver.


Re: Membership Committee – Karen Ellis and Joyce Deming will Co-Chair this Committee.

Re:  Bulletin Boards – Vic Hahn and Joyce Deming will take care of them.

Re:  Taking care of the building – Felix Beall will do this.

Re:  Repair of the beaver pond – Paul Ellis talked to Denver Trout Unlimited who said first to wait to see if the beavers come back.  They thought packing road base on the bottom might be helpful.  Paul will also contact the USDA National Resource Services to see if they will be of any help.


Ken Perdew wanted to verify that it was o.k. for him to purchase ink, paper, etc. for communication with the members of the Association.  Paul Ellis made motion to allow Ken to purchase whatever materials he needs.  Motion seconded by Jeff DeBerry and passed.

Vic Hahn showed his Dissolve Oxygen Meter and said he had tested three different spots on the pond.  He said the tests were good and the fish should be doing well.

Paul Ellis stated that he had purchased hardware for the dock.

Joyce Deming suggested we have some kind of life preserver at the pond since we will have a dock.  No decision made at this time.

Jeff DeBerry has permission from the property manager to paint the garage door on the house on Clark.

The Membership Committee will be sending out a Community Survey.  They asked about funding for this project. Paul Ellis made the motion that we fund this survey and Jeff DeBerry seconded and motion passed.

Meeting adjourned between 8:45 and 9:00.

Next meeting will be May 7, 2014 at 7 PM.

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