Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:09 p.m.

Secretary’s Report was read, then Ken read the Treasurer’s Report showing check book balance of  $6,200.66; Savings balance of  $663.35, Fish Fund balance of  $1,833.44, leaving  $5,030.57 in the General Fund.  Motion to accept reports was made by Gregg Pearson and seconded by Kathy Pearson and carried.

Pond Report by Duane Thompson:  Pond is opening up. Water is running in from Churchfork Creek.  The fish have been seen and seem to be o.k.  New fish have been ordered and will be available the lst of June, leaving time to determine whether we have enough moisture for the pond.  Also, that’s when the golden trout will be available.

Duane relayed a suggestion from Mike Peters that perhaps we should look into putting an aerator in the pond.  These pump air and supply oxygen to the fish.  Would be especially beneficial when water is not running into the pond.  Perhaps get one size larger than what Mike has.  Suggestions made during discussion were:  Cost would be about $80.00 at Harbour Freight and that perhaps it could be run with a solar panel.  No decision – needs more research.  Also regarding the pond, Paul Ellis stated that this summer he would like to measure the temperature of the pond and the oxygen content of it.  Motion to accept pond report was made by Dave Lutter, seconded by Kathy Pearson and carried.

Corral Report by Jeff DeBerry:  Corral is full.  They are getting grass seed for lower pasture.  Need the use of a tractor or disk if anyone has one available.  Need to plow the field.  Motion to accept report was made by Gregg and seconded by Kathy.  Motion carried.

No Activity Report:

Blog Report by Karen Ellis:  Posted 6 articles this month.  Also posted “Ready, Set, Go” information from the report at last month’s meeting.  There were 267 hits this month.  Motion to accept report was made by Paul Ellis and seconded by Gregg.  Motion carried.

Deputy Report by Jeff DeBerry:  He stated that we are in a burn ban.  Park County has a line you can call if you want to know if there is a burn ban.  Jeff stated that people should be sure their cars are locked, even when sitting in your yard.  Motion to accept report was made by Kathy, seconded by Gregg.  Motion carried.

Old Business:  Danny Colligan has the papers from the county as to what we need for a permit to put up the shelter.  He will continue working on them.  Paul Ellis has obtained four barrels for the dock.  Paid $ 5.00 each plus $1.00 for washing.  We need 20 total.  It was mentioned that Park County requires a snow load of 73# on the shelter.

New Business:  Danny Colligan suggested that we have a Community garage/yard sale this spring.  Danny will take charge of the organization of the sale.

Motion to adjourn was made by Kathy Pearson, seconded by Jeff DeBerry.  Meeting closed at 8:10 PM.

Respectfully submitted by Ken & Betty Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer.

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