April 3, 2019


The meeting was brought to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:07 pm.

The minutes for the February meeting were passed out to be reviewed.  Treasurer Karen Ellis explained her error in bring forward the Loan Liability balance from December to January and therefore a correction needed to be made to reduce the balance by one payment.  Motion to accept the report as amended was made by Tim Bradley and seconded by Walt Wark.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Because the March meeting had been cancelled, both reports for February and March were passed out to be reviewed.  The March report was presented in both the old format (created by Karen) and the new format (created by Heather Prewitt) for comparisons.  Karen expressed her appreciation for the help Heather has been providing and explained that only the new format would be used in the future.  Karen noted that the annual property and liability insurance premium of $1,778.00 had been paid in March and that the annual property tax bill of about $1,100.00 would be paid in April.  (See links below to view Treasurer’s reports)

Activity Report – A volunteer Firewise Community Work Day was planned for Saturday, May 18th.  Volunteers should meet at the association building at 9:00 am. Contact Paul if you know of anyone who needs help with mitigation.  Tim attended a Firewise Adapted Bailey (FAB) meeting in March where the Forrest Stewards Group presented information.  They have formed a map of work areas using a polygon grid to identify most needy areas.  Helen Cook mentioned that local churches have volunteered to offer evacuation space and the senior coalition should be able to help identify disabled and non-drivers who will need assistance to evacuate.  There were further discussions about Bailey Day participation, Paul will be assisting the booth for FAB, and there seemed to be little interest in having our own booth.  The idea was brought up of creating flyers to pass out during the event to advertise for Park County residents to buy fishing passes that would help satisfy our grant requirement for the commissioners.  We also discussed giving discounted passes to firemen and sheriffs.

Building Report – Eric Whitcomb has fixed both the vanity sink and toilet leaks in the apartment.  Many thanks to him for taking on those projects!  The ice melt is really compromising the concrete around the back of the building.  Alternatives will be looked into.  Installing rain gutters to help protect the deck wood will be discussed again at a later meeting.  Eric is researching material costs for that project.

Corral Report – Helen advised that work has already begun on spreading manure, working it into the soil and seeding in the lower pasture.  Paul has gotten estimates for the grinder toilet for the basement.  Prices were between $879.00 and $1,088.00.  He also got quotes for a new hay barn that uses the concrete 17X23 footprint already there.  Approximate cost is $2,900 with the roof and support poles only, no siding included, with volunteers doing the assembly.  Additional cost would be required for sheathing the 3 sides.

Pond Report – Paul reported that the pond is 57 inches below full.  There currently is no flow into the pond.  Local snowpack is at 120%.  We have not yet heard back from the Beaver Pond Restoration Group.  Paul has a meeting with a second partner to possibly get more funding for the pond.  We are hoping for at least 1 or 2 more partners before our October deadline to meet again with the County Commissioners.  Karen launched our new fundraising website in March and it has $670 pledged donations.  Please help us distribute this website address for tax deductible donations:  https://www.ioby.org/project/save-our-pond.

Blog Report – Karen reported that in February there were 455 hits, 3 new articles, 4 pictures and 1 new page.  March was lower than average with 280 hits, 4 articles, 5 pictures and 2 pages.

Old Business – Tim asked if he could get more information on what Heather is doing to update our Facebook.  Karen will ask her to contact him.  Tim brought up creating a banner to hang on a fence or at functions to advertise ECHPOA and what we are trying to accomplish.

New Business – Crow Hill Insurance will be holding their 8th annual Shred-a-Thon on June 22nd.  ReStore Habitat for Humanity will also be there to accept donations.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:59 pm.


Below is a link to the ECHPOA Treasurer’s Report ending February 28, 2019.

Below is a link to the ECHPOA Treasurer’s Report ending March 31, 2019.

Old format:

New format: