Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:10 P.M.

Secretary’s report was read by Betty for Secretary Ken.  Motion to approve was made by Christina Burk, seconded by Greg Pearson.

Treasurer’s Report was ready by Ken showing $3957.25 in all funds; Savings – $663.02; Fish Fund $1228.20, leaving $2065.43 in the General Fund.  Motion to approve the treasurer’s report was made by Kathy Pearson, seconded by Greg.

Pond Report:  by Duane – Was able to have the sludge removed from the northwest end of the pond before the water started coming in to the pond.  Cost of having it removed was $1300.00.  Donations were requested and this amount has already been paid.  Additional donations are still welcome to help cover additional improvements to the pond area.  The dirt is piled at the north end of pond and anyone can take what they need.  It will remain there for thirty days, then the contractor will take it.  The pond has already risen two feet since the digging.  The fish are in excellent condition and are biting.  New fish are ordered and will be here before Memorial Day – 9″ x 14″, a few golden and the rest are rainbows.  Wants suggestions for improvements to the pond area.  Has had one suggestion to put up an open-sided shelter where the flat space is at the end of the pond.  Wants comments on this.  Have started cleaning out the channel of Church Fork.  We are losing water because it is clogged with branches and roots making the water spread out.  Motion to accept report was made by Kathy, seconded by Greg.

Corral Report:  by Meg:  Brad & Christine have been making repairs to fencing.  Have lost one horse due to colic.  Have a pile of dirt from the pond that needs to be spread on the lower pasture.  Since the weather has been nice they have been doing some riding and training.  It is time for the horses’ spring shots.  Duane mentioned the Dick Coleman will have his bucket at the pond soon and will help spread the corral dirt.  Motion to accept report was made by Kathy seconded by Greg.

Activity Report:  by Tracie in absence:  We will plan the next BBQ at the May Meeting.

Blog Report: by Karen:  Wants a new article per week.  Still needs pictures.  Can get on blog using www.echpoa.wordpress.com or go thru Pine Cam.

Deputy Report:  No report.

With no further old or new business, meeting was declared adjourned by Danny at 7:55 P.M.

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