April 5, 2017


Meeting was brought to order by President Bryan Murphy at 7:04 pm.

Previous month’s minutes were on the tables for members to look over. Motion to accept last month’s minutes was made by Tim Bradley and seconded by Al Cook.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report  Karen Ellis reported we have the lowest balance since she has taken over as treasurer.  Income is way down because of low membership numbers and lack of horse corral renters.  The fish fund has a $3400.00 balance.  The fish account has never contributed toward insurance costs.  She’ll investigate to see if a set amount or percent of the total policy premium can be paid by the fishing fund.  Motion to accept the report was made by Ted Stein and seconded by Doug Druliner.  The motion carried.

March 1, 2017

Fish Fund                              $3,377.46

General Fund                         3,290.92

Checking Account               $6,668.38


Membership Dues               $  320.00

Fishing Permits                    $  100.00

Fish Food Machine              $      0.00

Corral                                      $  241.96


Donations                              $    35.00

Total Income:                       $ 696.96


Colorado Natural Gas          $  100.14        February-March gas bill

IREA                                       $           0         February-March electric bill, credit balance


The Ahbe Group                   $1,653.15       Nautilus Insurance – 2017 annual property & liability

Park County Treasurer       $1,018.82       2016 Property Taxes

Total Expenses:                   $2,772.11

April 5, 2017                                              2017=33 members, 26 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                              $3,477.46

General Fund                           1,115.77

Checking Account               $4,593.23

Activity Report  On April 23rd Joe Burgett, Platte Canyon Fire Protection District Fire Chief, will inspect and report mitigation suggestions on properties of members who sign up.  Members decided to have a Firewise Community Workday on May 13th.  Neighbors helping neighbors will address issues that Joe Burgett identifies.  The work details will be followed by a picnic lunch in the association building.  Motion to accept was made by Al and seconded by Paul Ellis.  The motion carried.

Building Report  Felix informed the members that nothing new has been done to the upstairs of the building.  Tim Bradley and Paul Ellis have installed the water flow meter on the well pump.  Paul Ellis designed, built and installed ball valves and hoses that connect to a pump to allow easier distribution of delivered stored water to the horses. Bryan reported that this new water system for the horses is working great. We are meeting goals outlined for us by the state water commission.  Motion to accept was made by Ted and seconded by Doug.  The motion carried.

Corral Report   Bryan reported that Alan Bowman was hired to spread composted manure over the entire new pasture and grass has already begun to sprout. Hay storage shed is in desperate need of roof repair.  Water system is working well.  Motion to accept was made by Ted and seconded by Karen.  The motion carried.

Pond Report  Al will order fish this week for June delivery.  Different ideas were discussed on how to keep non-members from fishing in our pond.  Ben Meadows Staff and Stream Gauges will be installed in the pond to measure depth and surface area of the pond as required by the state water commission.  The dock will be refloated within the next couple of weeks.  Motion to accept was made by Ted and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Blog Report  There were 213 hits on the blog which is lower than normal.   Karen reported there were two new articles, one new picture and one new page.  Motion to accept was made by Ted and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Old Business  ECHPOA was recognized as a Firewise Community in February, 2017.  That is quite an accomplishment for such a small group.  We have received a plaque and as soon as our signs arrive they will be hung at the entrance of our community to show our commitment to being Firewise.

New Business  There will be a shredding event on June 24th at Crow Hill Insurance.  River Bend restaurant will be reopening in the future. Ted, Karen and Paul went to a presentation about reintroducing Beavers into our eco system.  Ted will do further investigation into the process.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ted and seconded by Tim at 8:45 pm. The motion carried.