Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:14 PM.

Minutes from the June 2012 were read by Ken. Meeting of July 4th was canceled. Minutes accepted as read with a motion and 2nd from Paul and Jeff.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Ken. Checkbook balance: $5108.18, Savings balance $663.18 with $.16 interest earned. Fish Fund balance: $1008.44. Total in all funds: $5771.36. Motion made by Jeff, 2nd by Ted to accept report. Motion carried.

Pond Report: Had a cleanup day of slash from along creek. Duane, Paul, Jeff, Greg, Charles, Felix, Danny, Ted, Jessica and Ken (hope none were missed). Jessica’s chipping machine worked great. Pond pile was chipped. More slash needs to be removed from the willows and chipped. No date was set. Report was accepted after a motion and 2nd by Jeff and Ted.

Corral Report: Jeff reported that there are 2 open spaces for horses. Need a tractor to till and plant seed in the lower pasture. Report accepted.

Activity Report: BBQ picnic was a success! Report accepted after a motion and 2nd by Ted & Jeff.

Blog Report: Karen would like to have more pictures of activities to post. Report accepted after a motion and 2nd by Ted and Jeff.

Deputy Report from Jeff: Fire ban has been lifted. Shed fire yesterday. No problems in Highlands or Meadows. Paul made a motion to accept with a 2nd from Ted. Motion carried.

Old Business: Discussion was held concerning a proposed picnic table shelter and dock for pond improvements. A volunteer committee of Paul, Karen and Joyce was formed to research all possibilities and report at the September 5th meeting. Ken will check on insurance coverage.

New Business: Much discussion was held on excessive noise from shooting range, especially on weekends. Jeff suggested that individuals call the Forest Service and/or Park County Commissioners with any complaints.

Next meeting will be at 7 PM, September 5, 2012.

Meeting was closed at 8:03 PM after a motion and 2nd by Paul & Ted.

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