August 2, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:04 pm.

The minutes from the July 5th meeting were on the tables to look over.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Tim Bradley and seconded by Doug Druliner.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Ellis reported that we currently have 12 members less than we did this time last year.  Our total funds are still slightly below the $6,000 budget to cover our annual fixed expenses such as insurance, taxes, gas, electricity, and fish to stock the pond.  There was a brief discussion on the benefits of becoming a member.  Motion to accept the report was made by Doug and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

July 5, 2017

Fish Fund                                         $2,227.47

General Fund                                    2,795.46

Checking Account                         $5,022.93


Membership Dues                          $   120.00

Fishing Permits                               $     75.00

Fish Food Machine                         $     51.75

Corral                                                $    327.31


Building Rental                               $     50.00         Bowman

Total Income:                                 $  624.06


Colorado Natural Gas                    $     42.53          June-July gas bill

IREA                                                  $    24.64          June-July electric bill


Paul Ellis                                           $    213.18

(Corral Water Tank=$120, Pond Staff Gauge=$78.53, Pond Lag Screw & Bolt=$14.65)

Total Expenses:                             $   280.35

August 2, 2017                                                        2017=59 members, 50 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                                         $2,261.04

General Fund                                    3,105.60

Checking Account                         $5,366.64

Activity Report – Paul reported the continued effort towards the 2017 Firewise program and briefly discussed the benefits of becoming a Firewise community such as making it safer for the firefighters while increasing the chances of them being able to save your house, insurance discounts, and grants to help mitigate large trees and purchase a wood chipper.  Paul also explained the number of households that were used to calculate our goals set for 2017; there are about 360 property owners in the ECHPOA community with about 250 built homes, 360 was rounded up to 380 this year as it has not been difficult to reach our goals using the official Firewise calculation formula.  The minimum required to be recognized by Firewise is $2 per capita while their volunteer hourly rate, as of the beginning of 2017, is $23.56.  Therefore, 380 properties multiplied by 2.3 people per property, multiplied by $2 per capita, equals $1,748 or 74.5 volunteer hours.  This goal was almost achieved with our Firewise Community Work Day in May where we had 13 volunteers working for about 5 hours.  Motion to accept the report was made by Ted Stein and seconded by Doug.  The motion carried.

Building Report – Paul reported that there are 5 more deck boards that are “soft” and need to be replaced on the south side of the building. He estimates the cost to purchase the boards to be about $50.  There was a brief discussion on the lack of gutters causing the problem.  Sarah Bowman suggested we look into possibility getting a grant to cover the expense of gutters which had been estimated at about $900.  Motion to accept the report was made by Tim and seconded by Ted.  The motion carried.

Corral Report – Paul reported that the corral has 8 horses and is full. Bryan Murphy had asked to keep his 2 horses here through August.  The association obtains most of its income from the corral, and with an additional months rental income, we could and should use it to repair leaks in the horse shelter roofs.  Paul’s next project will be to measure the roofs on 2 horse shelters this coming Saturday and to estimate the cost of purchasing repair materials.  There was a brief discussion on boarders hauling and storing water from Bailey and that the second 275 gallon water tank had been purchased and delivered.  Motion to accept the report was made by Doug and seconded by Ted.  The motion carried.

Pond Report – Paul reported that the Staff Gauge had been installed and was used to measure the pond water level to be about 8 inches below full.  There had been a meeting scheduled for last Tuesday with the Water Commissioner, but he did not make it.  That meeting will need to be rescheduled to discuss our progress towards being compliant and to obtain clarity on how to record measurements.  There was a discussion on not being able to find water rights owned by ECHPOA, the need to pay augmentation for water evaporation, possible cost being $30,000 per acre foot as estimated by Headwater Authority of the South Platte (HASP), our pond is about 1.25 acres when full, we could loose up to 2 acre feet per year, therefore, it may cost up to $60,000 to purchase water rights, or 10% if we lease the rights which would cost about $6,000 per year, or the possibility of returning the pond to a creek if costs are prohibited.  Motion to accept the report was made by Ted and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Blog Report – Karen noticed that this section was missing from last month’s meeting minutes and will add it to the July 5, 2017 report as she remembers reporting on it.  There were 362 hits, 5 new articles, 16 new pictures, and 1 new page added in July.  The number of hits was just about average.  The new pictures included the staff gauge, water tank, and bear poop, be sure to go to the blog to see them.  Motion to accept the report was made by Doug and seconded by Ted.  The motion carried.

Old Business – Sarah reported that a bench at the school bus stop had been installed.  Many thanks to Sarah for all the work she did to make this happen, it looks really nice!  Paul reported that there are still road blocks in the beaver relocation project.  Ted reported that even Sherry Tippie is being required to do more than before in relocating beavers she has available.  Ted is researching clarification for notifying or obtaining permission from property owners 1 mile in each direction of the creek from where they would be released.  Could be anywhere from 30-60 property owners.  Rules are getting tougher; it is a hard thing to accomplish.  We will not be able to relocate before the summer deadline.

New Business – Victoria Brahe led a discussion on food needs within our community.  She works with the 285 Backpack Project in which 35 bags are packed with non-perishable food for children that do not have enough to eat.  Food banks in Harris Park and Bailey were also discussed.  She is asking for help in setting up a Little Free Pantry near the mail boxes or on community property.  She will look into whether or not the county will allow one near the mail boxes.  Paul will research on how to make a box bear proof.  Steve Antonczyk led a discussion on farm animal restrictions in our community.  The Elk Creek Highlands / Meadows Covenants state that no farm animals shall be kept in the subdivision.  The Park County Regulations may state that only one or two farm animals per acre may be kept.  There is also a concern as to how it might affect our well water and creeks.  All wells in our subdivision are registered as in-house use only, not agricultural, therefore water would need to be purchased and hauled in to farm animals.  Covenants rule over County Regulations, but covenant violations would need to be taken to court and costs money.  A complaint can be filed with the county for regulation violations, but may take time.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 8:34 pm by Ted and seconded by Tim. The motion carried.