The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM by Vice-President Paul Ellis.  Minutes of previous meeting and previous treasurer’s report were read by Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept these minutes was made by Jason Jay, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.

The current Treasurer’s Report was read by Ken Perdew, showing the following:

Checkbook Balance –         $ 9,298.69

Savings Balance –                      $ 0.00 (Transferred $ 664.54 to General Fund)

Fish Fund Balance –          $ l,583.63

General Fund Available – $ 7,715.04

Income for July 2014:

Savings Transfer –              $   664.54

Membership Dues –           $     35.00

Fishing Permits –               $      25.00

Fish Food Machine –         $      45.50

Corral –                                $    455.00

Donations –                         $        0.00

Total Income for July –    $ 1,225.04

Expenses for July 2014:

Co. Nat. Gas –                     $      41.85

IREA –                                 $       26.13

Total Expenses for July – $      68.13

Activities Report:  Pie Party in October;  Also plans are being made for a Halloween Party for children.

Blog Report by Karen Ellis:  Posted 5 articles, 27 pictures.  Had 343 hits.

Building Report:  Tar paper is showing on the roof.  There was additional discussion regarding the roof which resulted in a motion by Karen Ellis as follows :   “I move that we replace the roof immediately”.  Motion was seconded by Marie Jay and carried.  Board will meet to determine which company to use from bids held by Felix Beall.

Bulletin Board Report:  Boards look nice with new material and new paint.

Corral Report  by Brad Burk:  There is a statewide alert on herpes virus for horses.  None reported in Park Co.  Back pasture is green and horses are enjoying fresh grass.  Fencing needs some repair.  Will need wire and posts.  Barn roofs are leaking and will need repair.  Motion to accept report was made by Dale Warp, seconded by Jason Jay and carried.

No Deputy Report.

No Membership Report.

Pond Report:  Creek is running, Pond is full.  Dock is about finished.  Paul will need help getting it to the pond and set up.  Motion to accept report was made by Stan Williamson, seconded by Brad Burk and carried.

Old Business:

Remember Slash Day is August 30th!

There will be a cell phone tower in our area this year per Ivan Erwin.

Ken Perdew announced that a neighbor, JoAnn Lederhaus is needing extra help in caring for her husband who needs 24 hr. care at home.

No New Business.

Motion to adjourn was made by Mike Felix, seconded by Karen Ellis.  Motion carried.

Time:  7:51 PM.

Next meeting will be held, 7 PM, Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

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