Meeting was called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Ken Perdew in the absence of President Danny Colligan at 7:02 PM.

Minutes of June 5th meeting were read in lieu of no meeting in July.  Paul moved, Jeff seconded that the reading be approved.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ken Perdew, showing a checkbook balance of $7765.94.  Savings balance of $663.85.  Fish Fund balance of $1349.11, leaving $7080.68 in the General Fund.  Karen moved and Paul seconded that this report be approved.  Motion carried.  Now have 71 members, 55 with fishing permits.

Pond report:  Pond is full of water as Churchfork Creek is still running after continued rains.  Charles reports that fishing is off some.

Corral report:  Jeff reports that corral is full with 8 horse spaces rented.  Dirt is coming in from the pond dredging from Harris Park.  Has a man doing 70 hours of community service work on corral and building.  Pallets have been broken into bundles for firewood are under the deck.  Help yourself.  Park County gave some gravel from roadwork and has been spread in the driveway.

Deputy report:  Cannonite (sp.?) exploding targets have been declared illegal for shooting in the National Forest.  Discussion followed about the shooting range and Park County noise ordinance.  If you have any complaints about noise, shooting, etc., contact your County Commissioners.

Activities report:  Look forward to Oct 26th for the Annual Pie Party at 2:00 PM.

October 31st for Trick or Treat and December 31st for New Year’s Eve Party.  The BBQ was a success and the Yard Sale was rated as OK.  Building has been rented for this Saturday the 10th for a 50th Birthday Party.

Blog report:  Karen reports 8 articles in June with 800+hits and 569 hits in July.

Continue to send her pictures and notices to her email address of

Old business:  Paul working on needed changes to Picnic Shelter plans and determining Park County snow regulations for the roof.

New business:  A letter from Duane Thompson was read that he felt that no one be given any special privileges concerning the Fishing Regulation that a member must be present with any guest visitor while fishing.

Ivan Erwin made a motion that he be given special privileges because of his history with the Association and the purchase of the property.  That he not need to be present when his visitors are fishing and displaying fishing permits.  The motion was seconded by Brad. After a period of discussion, Ivan withdrew his motion.

Paul Ellis made a motion that the Board of Directors hold a special meeting to discuss this section of the Fishing Regulations and bring a decision to the next meeting for a vote.  Ivan Erwin seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Other new business:  Gregg Pearson is moving and he has been placing the meeting notice signs at the corners.  Placed them on Sunday, will need someone to remove them tonight.  Jeff will do that.  Will need someone take over doing that each month.  It is felt that these signs help each month.

Ken Perdew will continue as Secretary/Treasurer at least until the end of this year.

It was decided that it would be good to continue publishing the printed Annual Newsletter.

Motion to adjourn and seconded by Ivan and Paul at 8:35 PM.  Motion carried.

Minutes submitted by Ken & Betty Perdew.

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