The meeting of the ECHPOA was called to order by President Charles Banks on at 7:15 p.m.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Karen Ellis.  Cristina Burk moved to accept the minutes as read.  Jeff DeBerry seconded the motion.  The motion carried.  A discussion followed concerning the actual reading of previous minutes or having a hard copy on each table.  Ken Perdew moved to continue reading the minutes and treasurer’s report, seconded by Felix Beall, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read by Karen as follows:

November 5, 2014

Fish Fund                             $     1,633.68

General Fund                            14,318.32

Checking Account              $15,952.00


Membership Dues

Fishing Permits

Fish Food Machine           $           36.11

Corral                                   $        315.00


Total Income:                     $       351.11


Colorado Natural Gas

IREA                                    $          27.34           October – November electric bill


Gerald Penberthy              $         50.00           Donation refund for roof repair

Mike Felix                           $         20.00           On 50 gallon barrel for dock gangway

Balance Correction           $          45.49

(8/7/14-$45 no deposit, 9/8/14+$.01 check amt, 10/01/14-$.50 add error)

Total Expenses:                 $        97.34

December 3, 2014

Fish Fund                            $     1, 669.79

General Fund                           14,490.49

Checking Account             $16,160.28

Karen also contacted all of the members who made a donation toward the new roof.  Only one family requested a refund, and a check was mailed to them.  A second member asked for it to be applied to next year’s membership.  Paul Ellis moved to accept the report, seconded by Jeff and carried.

Activities report was given by Karen.  Tracie Schaefer has resigned the position of activities director.  Cristina Burk said after May she would be willing to help.  A discussion followed about the number of social parties.  Paul moved to list the four functions in the newsletter and cancel only if no one volunteers to run the activity.  Cristina seconded and carried.  Ken suggested an e-mail be sent to members asking for volunteers to head up the gatherings.  Jeff moved to accept the Treasurers report, Walter Wark seconded, motion carried.

Blog report was read by Karen.  She is very busy so only had four new articles on the blog.  There were 230 hits, 4 articles, and 14 pictures.  We all need to check the story on our own Jeff DeBerry from channel 9 news.  Karen has provided a link on the blog.  Move to accept blog report by Mike Felix and seconded by Cristina, and carried.

Building report was given by Felix.  The roof is done!!!!  Thank you from all of us to Felix for his research, calls, and perseverance.  He now is looking at some future projects.  Motion to accept the building report was made by Paul and seconded by Mike, carried.

Bulletin Board report was given by Karen.  It was determined that future flyers on the five bulletin boards need at least eight tacks/staples to stay secure from wind.  Motion to accept by Mike, seconded by Cristina, and carried.

Corral report was given by Jeff.  There is one horse with a possible virus.  A vet is doing a blood draw on December 5, if the results are positive all of the horses will be quarantined for 21 days.  The creek is still running because of the very wet year, has no effect on the corral except for pools of water / ice in lower pasture.  Paul moved to accept the report, seconded by Cristina, carried.

Deputy report, Jeff said several calls have come into the police about IRS scammers contacting local residents.  Be very vigilant and never give out information or click on suspect links.  Run a virus scan right away if you feel your computer might have been compromised.  Paul moved to accept the report, seconded by Karen, carried.

Membership report was given by Karen.  The new fishing passes are made.  We have 50+ membership cards already so can wait to print additional cards.  During the last meeting it was mentioned that guest speakers would increase meeting attendance.  Karen will contact Joyce Deming about getting volunteer contact information from the survey results.  Motion to accept report was made by Mike, seconded by Jeff and carried.

Pond report was given by Charles.  We have had a couple of ice skaters and ice fishermen.  The ice is not really thick yet and there are safety concerns.  Karen stated there is a section on the blog about ice safety.  The dock is pulled up and the fish food dispenser is down for the winter.  Paul made a motion to accept report, seconded by Mike, and carried.

There was no old business.

In new business Ken and Betty received a plaque thanking them for their eight years of dedicated service to the association.  Bank signatures were changed to Charles and Karen.  Ken moved to close nominations for next year, seconded by Cristina.  Motion to end meeting was made by Paul, seconded by Cristina, and carried.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:32 p.m.

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