Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:15 p.m.

Minutes of last meeting were read by Betty Perdew for Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Christina Burk, seconded by Tracie Schaefer and motion was accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Ken and showed $3,826.01 in Checkbook – Savings $663.18, Fish Fund $1,033.44, and leaving $ 3455.75 in the General Fund.  Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report was made by Felex Beall and seconded by Ted Stein and carried.

Pond Report by Duane Thompson:  Pond level is going down.  The ice is not solid yet.  Still one golden trout in the pond.  Duane stated that the Headwater Augmentation Authority of South Platte provides water for some entities.  Also South Park Water Conservancy has water for sale.  Question:   Is now is the time to obtain more water for the pond?  Motion to accept pond report was made by Marcel Harrell and seconded by Tracie Schaefer and carried.

Corral Report by Brad Burk:  More fences were fixed.  Gregg Pearson fixed the door knob on corral office building.  Still need to fix the barn roof.  Material is here.  Danny said he has a compressor and he and Brad will finish the roof.  Motion to accept Corral Report was made by Gary Harrell and seconded by Cristina Burk and carried.

Activity Report by Tracie Schaefer:  Next activity is New Year’s Eve.  Bring food and games.  Come about 7:00 p.m. and stay until ????  Motion to accept report was made by Brad Burk seconded by Christina Burk and carried.

Deputy Report:  In absence of the Deputy, it was announced that we are now under a burn ban.  No chain saws and other motors.  Keep a shovel and fire extinguisher handy.

Old Business:  As advertised, a vote was to be taken at this meeting regarding including the Fish Fund in the General Fund.  There was a call for more discussion on this subject before the vote be taken.  Tracie Schaefer explained the reason the Fish Fund should be included, then Duane

Thompson gave his reasons why the two funds should remain separate.  This all resulted in Jessica Smith making the following motion:  “At this point, take time off and remain status quo, think about it, and cancel the vote at this time.”  Brad Burk seconded this motion and the motion carried.

Other Old Business:  Danny had called the owner of the house on Clark Road and the damage was fixed in three days.

New Business:  Because the main Association Building has a shake roof, we are needing to replace this.  There is also a need to have a new hay barn.   Signs at the pond are needing to be repainted.

Other New Business:  Nominations for Board of Directors was taken:  Those nominated who said they would be willing to serve are:  Brad Burk, Danny Colligan, Jeff DeBerry, Paul Ellis, Ken Perdew, Tracie Schaefer, and Ted Stein.  Vote for five will be taken via ballots in the January Newsletter.  Ballots will be counted and new Board will take effect February 6, 2013.

Respectfully submitted by Ken Perdew

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