December 5, 2018

ECHPOA MEETING MINUTES for December 5, 2018

The meeting was brought to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:03 pm.

The previous month’s minutes were handed out to be reviewed.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Tim Bradley and seconded by Kristin Barber.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Ellis reported that the 2nd loan payment has been made.   The Annual Financial Statement was also made available at the meeting and posted on the blog as required by the ECHPOA by-laws.  Motion to accept the report was made by Helen Cook and seconded by Kristin.  The motion carried.

November 7, 2018
Fish Fund                                           $   1,586.27
General Fund                                         2,804.55
Save Our Pond Donations                   8,303.00
Checking Account                            $12,693.82

Membership Dues                           $          0.00
Fishing Permits                               $           0.00
Fish Food Machine                         $           0.00
Corral                                                 $      188.00
Donations-Save Our Pond             $          0.00
Building Rental                                $      832.70
Total Income:                                   $ 1,020.70

IREA                                                   $         0.00      September-October electric bill
Colorado Natural Gas                     $      144.01      October-November gas bill
Bridge Loan Payment #2 of 10     $     700.00 *   Building Rental income used for payments
Tesla Global Solutions                   $      285.00
(Ground wire to water pipe-requested by inspectors)
Paul R. Ellis                                      $     279.00
(Printing annual cards/badges, septic effluent filter)
Total Expenses:                               $ 1,408.01

December 5, 2018                                                2018=69 members, 51 with fishing permits
Fish Fund                                          $  1,586.27
General Fund                                        2,417.24 **
Save Our Pond Donations                 8,303.00 ***
Checking Account                           $12,306.51

Loan Liability
Balance as of November 7, 2018     $ 6,300.00
Payment #2 of 10                               $     700.00 *
Balance as of December 5, 2018    $ 5,600.00 **

***$5,503 donations from 38 community members, $2,000 from Colorado Division of the Izaak Walton League of America, and $800 secured from ECHPOA Fish Fund=$8,303 Save Our Pond Balance

Annual Financial Statement – January 2019

Ending Balance – December 1, 2017:
2017 = 74 members, 62 with fishing permits

General Fund Available        $  3,833.04
Fish Fund Balance                 $  2,378.22
Save Our Pond Donations    $  2,228.00
Checkbook Balance               $ 8,439.26

Totals for 2018:
Deposits Made:
Bridge Loan                            $   7,000.00
(obtained for remodel expenses, rental income used to repay)
Building Rental                      $   5,992.70    (increase, full year)
Save Our Pond Donations    $   5,275.00    (increase, obtained first partner)Corral                                        $   4,143.17*   (increase, more horses)Membership                            $  2,520.00*  (decrease, less members)
Fishing Permits                      $    1,175.00*  (decrease, less members)Donations                                $      150.00
(increase, sold large washer/dryer to go towards remodel)
Fish Food Machine                $        95.56
(decrease, pond very low, fish not as active, less interest)
Firewise                                   $         10.00    (decrease, less participation)
Total Deposits                        $26,361.43
($14,979.58 increase from 2017, loan, building rental, donations)

Expenses Paid:
Building Improvements       $ 13,385.72
(bathroom remodel, added closet, microwave, new locks & keys)
Insurance                                $   1,645.00**
(did NOT split this year, 41.38% fish fund & 58.62% general fund)
IREA                                        $    1,473.91** (large increase with full time renters)
Bridge Loan repayment       $   1,400.00
Colorado Natural Gas          $    1,301.89** (slight increase with full time renters)
Park County Treas–Taxes   $    1,093.26**($1,024.76 corral & building, $68.50 pond)
Fish & Fish Food                   $   1,088.01**
Firewise                                  $       352.03    (2 volunteer luncheons, slash dump)
Miscellaneous Supplies       $       320.14
(membership cards, postcards & stamps, summons)
2018 Newsletter & Stamps $       268.22**(postcard and stamps)
Pond                                        $       106.00
(new fish food globe, fishing badges, grant presentation)
Corral Improvements          $        60.00
(steel panels for roofs, volunteer hours and materials)
Total Expenses                      $22,494.18
($13,703.19 increase from 2017, building remodel, utilities)

Ending Balance – December 1, 2018:
2018 = 69 members, 51 with fishing permits

General Fund Available       $   2,417.24
Fish Fund Balance                $   1,586.27
Save Our Pond Donations   $  8,303.00
($800 Transferred from Fish Fund to Save Our Pond Donations)
Checkbook Balance              $12,306.51 

* Income used to offset Fixed Expenses=$7,838.17
**Fixed Expenses=$6,870.29

Loan Liability:
Balance October 22, 2018                  $7,000.00
Payments #1 Nov. & #2 Dec. of 10   $1,400.00
Balance as of December 1, 2018       $5,600.00

Activity Report – Paul has submitted our Firewise Application for 2018 and it has been approved.  Some insurance companies offer discounts on mitigated properties.  Homeowners would have to check with their company.  The Firewise Adapted Bailey (FAB) group will be working with Colorado State University and The Foresters Guild to identify potential high risk fire hot spots in the Bailey area.  FAB is hoping to mitigate county roads 43 and 72, and Mt. Evans Blvd.  They are having a fund raiser at the Tomahawk Ranch on February 2, 2019 at 3:00 pm to raise money for the fire department to do the mitigation.  Motion to accept the report was made by Karen and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Building Report – Final building inspection for the remodel was done, there are three small items to finish before approval.  We need two carbon monoxide detectors and metal tubing to vent dryer outside.  A roof inspector also checked for hail damage and found none.  Thanks to Kristin and Eric for finishing the foam board installation in the basement windows.  Motion to accept the report was made by Kristin and seconded by Walt Wark.  The motion carried.

Corral Report – Helen and Meg Wood stated many needs for the corral, including expanded hay storage facility, an eighth separate horse shelter, a community shelter for fowl weather protect, a spot light to be able to work with the horses at night, fencing improvements, access to a toilet and sink, and repair remaining leaking roofs.  Meg agreed to meet with the corral boarders to prioritize the list of needs and then arrange a meeting between the corral boarders and the ECHPOA board of directors to discuss the next steps.  Motion to accept the report was made by Helen and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Pond Report – The pond is 45 inches below being full. Church Fork Creek is frozen; Elk Creek is still flowing but does not flow into the pond.  The small amount of snow we have received has helped the water level.  Paul records water levels every week and sends a report to Tim Buckley, District 80 Water Commissioner, every month.  We need to install a new staph gauge similar to the one installed in Harris Park, pond #2.  Motion to accept the report was made by Kristin and seconded by Eric Whitcomb.  The motion carried.

Blog Report – Karen reported there were 220 hits, 5 new articles, 6 new pictures and 1 new page. Motion to accept the report was made by Eric and seconded by Tim.  The motion carried.

Old Business – Victoria Brahe had mentioned to Karen that Bob Benefiel had offered to move the food pantry from her house to the mailboxes on Miners Way later this week using his tractor.  Karen sent a mass email to ECHPOA members and posted an article on the blog asking for donations to the Greenhouse Project at the Deer Creek Preschool / Elementary School on the behalf of Sarah Bowman.  It was discussed and decided that the annual postcard will be sent out this month because of the need for early membership income to cover fixed expenses due first quarter.  Postcard has been designed and mailing labels have been printed.  There were no new names to add to the board of director’s nomination list.

New Business – We began brainstorming about charging for trailer storage near the association building. Currently, one trailer is being charged $20 per month.  Horse trailers belonging to corral members are covered by their monthly boarding fees.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Tim and seconded by Kristin at 8:22 pm.  The motion carried.