December 6, 2017


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:05 pm.

The previous month’s minutes were handed out to read over. Previous month’s minutes had been approved by the board before the scheduled grant presentation on December 14.  There were no amendments made to the approved minutes.  Motion to accept the minutes as approved by the board was made by Tim Bradley and seconded by Walt Wark.  The motion carried.

Treasurer Report was given by Karen Ellis. Both the monthly report (December 6, 2017) and Annual Financial Statement (December 2016-December 2017) were handed out to read over. Questions were asked and explanations given.  Motion to accept the reports was made by Ed Montgomery and seconded by Ted Stein.  The motion carried.

November 1, 2017

Fish Fund                                              $2,545.01

General Fund                                          3,449.92

Save Our Pond Donations                    1,248.00

Checking Account                               $7,242.93


Membership Dues                               $    170.50

Fishing Permits                                    $   106.00

Fish Food Machine                              $      13.25

Corral                                                      $   264.00


Donations-Save Our Pond                  $  980.00

Building Rental                                     $  440.00

Total Income:                                       $1,973.75


Colorado Natural Gas                          $   144.99          October-November gas bill

IREA                                                        $    114.18          October-November electric bill


Paul Ellis                                                $    518.25

(2018 Membership Cards & Fishing Badges=$112.63, Corral & basement dump=$35, POA name registry=$10, Crack foam=$4.58, Corral boards=$70, Grant presentations=$155.12, Life ring & rope=$130.92)

Total Expenses:                                    $  777.42

December 6, 2017

2017=74 members, 62 with fishing permits

2018=7 members, 5 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                                              $2,378.22           ($500 secured for Save Our Pond)

General Fund                                          3,833.04           ($300 secured for Save Our Pond)

Save Our Pond Donations                    2,228.00

Checking Account                               $8,439.26


Annual Financial Statement – January 2018

Beginning Balance – December 1, 2016:

2016 = 75 members, 62 with fishing permits

General Fund Available                       $  3,020.94

Fish Fund Balance                                $  2,827.46

Save Our Pond Donations                   $         0.00

Checkbook Balance                             $ 5,848.40

Totals for 2017:

Deposits Made:

Corral                                                       $  3,259.58*   (slight decrease, fewer horses)

Membership                                           $  2,979.50*   (slight increase, less members paid before year end 2016)

Save Our Pond Donations                   $  2,228.00    (new this year)

Fishing Permits                                      $  1,539.00*   (slight increase, less members paid before year end 2016)

Building Rental                                      $     961.00    (began monthly rental in October, 2 daily rentals 2017)

Fish Food Machine                                $     217.27    (slight decrease)

Donations                                                $     120.00    (decrease, offset by Save Our Pond Donations)

Firewise                                                   $        77.50    (new this year, offset by expenses)

Total Deposits                                        $11,381.85    ($3,821.90 increase from 2016, donations & building rental)

Expenses Paid:

Corral Improvements                            $ 1,922.20    (water law-tanks=$678.09, repaired roofs/move manure=$1244.11)

Insurance                                                 $ 1,653.15** (41.38% pond=$684.00, 58.62% rest of property=$969.15)

Fish & Fish Food                                    $ 1,132.85**

Colorado Natural Gas                           $ 1,123.69**

Park County Treasurer – Taxes          $ 1,018.82**

IREA                                                         $    699.36**

Building Improvements                       $    303.88    (last year repaired building, this year corral)

Miscellaneous Supplies                        $    250.66    (postcard stamps, membership cards & fishing badges)

Pond Improvements                              $    233.54    (staff gauge, lag screws & bolts, dispenser lock, life ring & rope)

2017 Newsletter & Stamps                   $    165.22** (downsized to 1 page, double sided, did not mail)

Grant Presentations                               $    155.12    (new this year – Save Our Pond)

Firewise                                                     $   132.50

Total Expenses                                       $ 8,790.99    ($385.61 decrease from 2016, insurance & newsletter)

Ending Balance – December 1, 2017:

2017 = 74 members, 62 with fishing permits

General Fund Available                      $  3,833.04     ($300 Secured for Save Our Pond)

Fish Fund Balance                               $  2,378.22     ($500 Secured for Save Our Pond)

Save Our Pond Donations                  $ 2,228.00

Checkbook Balance                             $ 8,439.26

* Income used to offset Fixed Expenses=$7,778.08

**Fixed Expenses=$5,793.09

Activity Report – There are no plans until Spring when Firewise will pick up again. The Recognized Firewise Community status link and official notification letter had been added to the Firewise page on our blog for insurance references.

Building Report – Karen reported we have had a paying tenant for three months. Contractor Jasen Nelson will come on Thursday to look over renovations needed such as adding a shower and clothes closet, make recommendations, and give us a cost estimate.  Member Paula Morris has offered to donate and install replacement windows for both broken bathroom windows.  Imara gave us the names of a licensed plumber and electrician that she has used and recommends.  Motion to accept report was made by Stan Wilman and seconded by Imara.  The motion carried.

Corral Report was given by Helen Cook. The shed wall and supports that were damaged in the wind storm have been repaired.  The manure was spread and some fencing repaired.  There are many jobs that have to wait until warmer weather to complete.  Ron and Helen have been using their own tractor for some of the jobs.  Presently there are two tank heaters being used.  We still have openings for 2 horses.  Motion to accept the report was made by Tim and seconded by Karen.

Pond Report was given by Paul. The dock has been pulled out and fish feeder removed for the winter.  Because someone had tried to break into the fish feeder, the container will need to be repaired or replaced before next spring.  Karen will check into prices.  $130.00 was spent on a new life ring, rope and buoy to be installed at the outlet end of the pond.  This will be in addition to the one already installed at the inlet.  The pond is almost full.

The grant application decision with the Park County Board of County Commissioners was rescheduled for December 14th at 9:30 am. We are asking community residents to send emails to the 3 commissioners encouraging them to approve the $50,000.00 for augmentation water that the Park County Land and Water Trust Fund Board recommended. If the county commissioners deny our grant, we will then consider using the association building rental income towards annual leasing augmentation water costs.  The firewise committee restated the pond’s importance in fighting wildfires.  There was some further discussion on Park County residents purchasing 2018 annual fishing permits and the need for parking and no parking signs. Motion to accept the report was made by Ed and seconded by Helen.  The motion carried.

Blog Report – Karen stated there were 365 hits, 6 new articles, 3 new pictures, and 2 new pages. The total number of hits for the past 12 months was 4,101, making the monthly average 342, only slightly down from the 2016 average of 345.  Motion to accept the report was made by Ted and seconded by Imara.  The motion carried.

Old Business – Karen reported that Erica Diana, our insurance broker, consulted with their legal representatives and has determined that anyone who has ownership in a property within the Elk Creek Highlands or Meadows subdivisions “shall be bound by and abide by” the ECHPOA By-Laws. Therefore, if there is a loss assessment, it would be assessed to all 360 property owners and not just the 74 paying members.  Paying the ECHPOA “voluntary dues” allow property owners access to the community property and pond, which is considered the “social” aspect of the association.

We are still working on obtaining a 501C3 status for the association.

New Business – Tim attended the Fire Safe Council Meeting held at the Platte Canyon Fire Delwood Station on December 5th. An association is being formed to include all community associations currently involved, or interested in the Firewise program.  It is called FAB (Fire Adapted Bailey). They want to work together to make a safer environment for all communities and are against controlled burns.  Tim said they are an excellent source of experience and information and well worth the $50 to join.

Ed suggested we should all have radon levels checked in our homes. Board nominations were accepted for voting in February.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Ted and seconded by Ed at 8:35 pm. The motion carried.