The meeting was called to order at 7:10 by President Felix Beall.  Felix introduced Mr. Earl Mortimeyer, President of the Harris Park Metro District, who talked about their Homeowner’s Association which they run conjunctively with their Metro District.  When asked how they went about being a “Metro District”, he related that it took a great deal of time, work and money.  Perimeters and boundaries need to be set, lawyers, are needed for a lot of the work and it takes $2,000-$3,000 per year to set up a Conservation Trust Fund that is needed.  You also have to become a taxing district.  For information on Metro Districts, go to the Division of Local Affairs.  Regarding their Bingo, you have to be a Title 32 Special District to handle lottery monies.

After Mr. Mortimeyer finished, the secretary’s report was read.  Dene kVaughn made the motion that we accept the report as read.  Greg Pearson seconded and motion carried.  One correction was made to the minutes:  The reference to a bulletin board was the bulletin board on the website, not the ones by the mailboxes.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ken Perdew.  Dene Vaughn made motion we accept the report, Greg Pearson seconded.  Motion carried.

Fishing Report:  Duane Thompson said the ice is not yet ready for skating.  He will need help plowing the pond as his ATV is broken.  Brian Friedmanski and __________ said they had blades and would plow when needed.  Duane plans to get more golden trout this coming year.  He needs dock ideas – what kind, where to put it, etc.  It was also noted that containers are needed by the pond so people who walk their dogs by the pond, and let them swim, can pick up the dog leavings.  There was some discussion about what type containers were needed.  Some made from PVC pipe was mentioned.  Karen Ellis temporarily volunteered Paul to make them.

Corral Report:  There are now eight horses in the corral.  Christine Burk has a new yearling in there.

Deputy Report:  Suggested you watch mailboxes this Christmas season; keep curtains closed if you have gifts under trees that are near windows to avoid robberies.  Do not put boxes of new items by your trash for pickup.  People see them and know you have something new and that gives them the idea to steal.

Activity Report:  New Year’s Eve Party beginning at 7:00.  Bring snacks, games, etc.

Nominations for Board of Directors were asked for but there were no others than had been previously announced.

It was mentioned that the bulletin board that had been next to the mail boxes on Aspen was now in the basement and needs to be fixed.  It had been blown over.  Thanks was given to Earl for speaking.  Greg & Christine made motion to adjourn. 8:40.

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