Meeting was called to order by President Felix Beall at 7:07 P.M.

Minutes of last meeting was read by Tracie Schafer for Secretary Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept as read was made by Greg Pearson and seconded by Christina Burk.  Motion accepted.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Ken Perdew showing $3191.02 in all funds – $662.68 in savings – $828.80 in fishing fund.

We have 20 members for 2012 – 13 with fishing permits.

Property taxes in the amount of $718.04 are due.  After discussion it was agreed to pay the total amount at this time since we have the funds.

There was Election of Officers for 2012.  Duane Thompson served as judge, George Griffin served as teller.  Those elected are as follows:  Tracie Schafer, Danny Colligan, Felix Beall, Ken Perdew, Jeff DeBerry and Brad Burk as alternate.

Fishing Report by Duane Thompson:  The water level keeps going down.  He measured the thickness of the ice with a 10″ drill and the ice was thicker than the 10″.  Paul Ellis said he had heard of a “Fishing is Fun” grant by the Division of Wild Life and he will check that out.  The possibility of getting a “farm pond liner” for the pond was discussed.  Prices for same are being checked.

Corral Report by Brad Burk:  They will be fixing more fencing in the next three months.  Jeff DeBerry has some high school boys that need to do community service that will be helping doing fixing on the shelters, cleaning the corral, etc.

Activity Report by Tracie Schafer:  Winter Fest Potluck at 12:00 on Sat. February 4th, then skating and bonfire.

Blog Report by Karen Ellis:  She would like to publish your business cards.  It is a good way to advertise your business.

Old Business:  Paul Ellis showed us the “doggy drop holders” that he made of PVC pipe.  He has four of them that he will place around the pond.

Tracie Schafer says she has a possibility of getting some playground equipment for the flat place by the pond.

New Business:  Ken Perdew announced that the neighborhood paper, “The 285 Hustler” now has a page that is free advertising for organizations, so he puts news about our monthly meetings in both that and “The Flume”.

Motion to adjourn was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Danny Colligan, and carried.

17 were present.

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