A discussion was held before the meeting to address the corral electric usage and invoicing of that expense.  The number of horses, number of water tank heaters, and which horses had access to which tanks were reviewed.   After looking into several methods to calculate the number of shares per horse to divide the electric usage, it was agreed by the majority to continue with the share formula developed by Karen Ellis.  This method was deemed to be the most fair and equable for all horse owners.

President Charles Banks called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read by Paul Ellis. Motion to accept the minutes was made by Karen Ellis and seconded by Walt Wark. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Paul. Motion to accept report was made Karen, seconded by Rick Smidt.  The motion carried.

January 7, 2015

Fish Fund                            $   1,669.79

General Fund                          6,966.81

Checking Account            $ 8,636.60


Membership Dues             $  1,365.00

Fishing Permits                  $    700.00

Fish Food Machine

Corral                                   $     464.70


Scottsdale Insurance         $    200.00

Donations                            $     110.00

Total Income:                   $  2,839.70


Colorado Natural Gas       $      153.49           December – January gas bill

IREA                                     $     182.92           December – January electric bill


Karen Ellis                          $      690.25           Printing newsletters, stamps, seals

Total Expenses:                $  1,026.66

February 4, 2015                                           44 members, 31 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                            $  2,369.79

General Fund                          8,079.85

Checking Account           $10,449.64

Activities Report was given by Dale Wark. Winter Fest pot luck on January 31st had 25 people attend. There was an assortment of great food, desserts, and people. Motion to accept report was made by Karen, seconded by Rick. The motion carried.

Blog Report was given by Karen. There were 339 hits, 3 new articles and 5 new pictures. That is about the average number of blog views. Karen is to be commended for the 1st class job she does. Motion to accept report was made by Paul, seconded by Walt. The motion carried.

Building Report, There was no building report because Felix Beall was not at the meeting. Charles asked members to develop a written priority list of building maintenance projects to look into for the future. Some suggestions were to fix the door knob, stabilize front steps, tables, buffet shelf, window plastic covering, and carpet. Karen made a motion to accept, Paul seconded. The motion carried.

Bulletin Board Report was given by Paul. The new heavy plastic covers attached with screws for monthly flyers seem to be working; flyers have not been torn off boards by the wind. Paul will make covers for all 5 bulletin boards. Motion to accept report was made by Karen, seconded by Paul. The motion carried.

Corral Report was given by Meg Wood. We currently have 6 horses because 2 horses are temporarily away for training until June or July.  At that time we will be back up to capacity with 8 horses. Herb described how the current sheds need improvements especially the roofs. It was brought up that the corral needs to deal with manure removal in the spring. Meg will investigate options. That will be a priority to control flies, smell, horse viruses and water pollution. The corral is the only area of ECHPOA that brings money in each month, all year and a consensus to upgrade was discussed. The discussion about using the share formula to invoice the corral electric usage was confirmed to remain the same. Motion was made by Paul to accept the report, seconded by Rick. The motion carried.

Membership Report was given by Dale. As of February 4th we had 46 members, 33 of those also had fishing permits. That is ahead of last year’s count. We hope the trend continues. Motion was made by Karen to accept the report, seconded by Walt. The motion carried.

Pond Report was given by Charles.  The ice on the pond is 9-11 inches thick; measurements were made with an ice auger on January 31st by Paul and Walt. The creek is still running so pond should be very healthy. Charles will call the hatchery for a fish delivery the 1st week of June. Motion was made by Paul to accept the report, seconded by Karen. The motion carried.

Old Business: We have had 21 Newsletters returned by the Post Office for various reasons.  12 have been re-sent with verified new addresses.  Originally we mailed out 363 Newsletters. Karen will no longer try to re-send returns.

New Business: Paul brought up the fact that we should probably buy a fire proof box to store important documents such as the deed, insurance policies, etc.

Charles made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m., seconded by Meg.  The motion carried.

The ballots were counted by Paul and Charles. Board members will be: Charles Banks, Felix Beall, Jeff DeBerry, Paul Ellis, and Karen Ellis.  Alternate board member is Dale Walt.

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