Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:20 P.M.  Prior to the regular meeting, votes for new Board of Directors were tallied by Duane Thompson and Dale Wark.  The following were elected for 2013:  Brad Burk, Dan Colligan, Jeff DeBerry, Paul Ellis, Ken Perdew, and Tracie Schaefer opted to be the Alternate.

Minutes of previous meeting were read by Betty Perdew for Secretary Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Kathy Pearson, seconded by Paul Ellis and carried.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Ken Perdew showing $ 5,205.36 as the Checkbook balance;  $ 663.35 in Savings Account, $ 1,608.44 in Fish Fund, leaving $ 4,260.27 in the General Fund.  We now have 37 paid members for this year, 23 with fishing permits. Motion to accept this report was made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Greg Pearson and carried.

Pond Report by Duane Thompson:  The pond has been cleaned and has had quite a few skaters, and some ice fishermen.  Will be ordering fish soon, not to be delivered until May lst.  Have to order them early to get the kinds we want.  We can cancel the order any time if need be.  Motion to accept Pond Report was made by Kathy Pearson, seconded by Ted Stein and carried.

Corral Report by Brad Burk:  Everything is going smoothly.  Will be ordering the dumpster.  There is another person who wants to be put on the wait list.  Motion to accept this report was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Cristina Burk and carried.

Activity Report:  Tracie was absent.  The February Potluck was held with 12 attending, two skaters.

Blog Report by Paul Ellis for Karen:  She put six new articles on blog this month.  Check out bear counting in Canada.  Motion to accept report was made by Dave Lutter, seconded by Kathy Pearson and carried.

Deputy report by Jeff DeBerry:  Mountain lions are being very active.  There was a bobcat in Perdew’s yard.

Old Business:  Paul Ellis had plans for the new shelter and dock for all to see.

New mailboxes to replace those that had been knocked down on Miner’s Way are in at Post Office waiting for contractor to put them up.  People are having to go to P.O. for their mail until they are up.

New Business:  Ken read a letter from one of our members, Norbert Cygan, thanking the Association for it’s care of the corrals and Association property.

Ken mentioned the right sliding door does not close and either needs to be worked on or a new one purchased.  Paul Ellis will look at it.  He also mentioned that the drapes on the sliding doors need heavy duty rods as the ones there sag and do not close properly.  Paul Ellis moved that we get new heavy duty rods.  After discussion, Jeff DeBerry seconded the motion and it carried.

One of our last year’s members questioned our fees when a member joins after the first month of the year.  This person felt that when that occurs, they should not have to pay the full amount of dues.  After much discussion on this matter, Brad Burk made the motion that first time new members only pay a prorated amount on just the members portion of the fee from the month they join until the end of the year.  Cristina Burk seconded.  After more discussion, this motion carried.

Next meeting will be March 6th:  Joe Burgett, Assistant Fire Chief will present the “Ready- Set – Go” evacuation instructions.  We will also vote on whether or not to include the Fish Fund with the General Fund.

Motion to close was made by Kathy Pearson, seconded by Dave Lutter and adjourned.

Following this meeting, the Board of Directors met and chose officers for 2013 as follows:  President, Danny Colligan, Vice President, Brad Burk, Secretary/Treasurer, Ken Perdew.

The following have agreed to be Mangers:  Pond, Duane Thompson, Blog, Karen Ellis, Activities, Tracie Schaefer.  Corral Manager will be decided upon by Corral Renters at a later date.

Respectfully submitted by Ken Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer

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