February 6, 2019

ECHPOA MEETING MINUTES for February 6, 2019

The meeting was brought to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:23 pm.

The previous month’s minutes were passed out to be reviewed.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Tim Bradley and seconded by Kristin Barber.  The motion carried.

Karen Ellis reported that Heather Prewitt had sent a copy of the Robert’s Rules of Order to her that stated:  “motions to accept or receive reports after they are presented should not be entertained.  Instead, the chair should simply thank the reporting member.”  Karen then quoted from our By-Laws, the first Order of Business during monthly meetings should be: “Reading of minutes of previous meeting for information and approval.”  After a short discussion it was decided to adopt the policy that only a motion to accept the minutes would be entertained and not needed for all other reporting.  However, if a report included a request for expenditures, (not including fixed expenses such as utilities, taxes, insurance), a motion to accept an estimated amount could also be entertained.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen explained that deposits and loan payments not reflected in last months report because of early meeting date had been included in this months report, making it look like “double” amounts.  Property taxes statements have been received, full payment not due until April 30th.  Karen will wait until more membership dues have been received and will pay the full amount of about $1,100 in April.  Heather, a member and a CPA, has volunteered to help Karen with bookkeeping and monthly reporting.  Heather will not have access to withdraw money or write a check from our bank account.  Heather did some research and found that ECHPOA had been registered as a non-profit corporation, exclusively for recreation and social purposes, with a 501(c)(7) status in 1972.  A 501(c)(7) is a tax exempt “social club” where donations are not deductible, but we would be exempt from paying property taxes.  However, our status had been revoked in 2010 for not filing a Form 990-series return for 3 consecutive years.  Heather is extremely knowledgeable and is currently researching what it will take to get our status reinstated.  In order for our pond donations to be tax deductible, we would need a 501(c)(3) status.  We will look into apply for that status later.  We currently have $9,223 in the Save Our Pond Donations fund.

January 2, 2019
Fish Fund                                            $    1,711.27
General Fund                                           2,166.40
Save Our Pond Donations                     8,613.00
Checking Account                             $12,490.67

Membership Dues                             $      760.00
Fishing Permits                                  $      325.00
Fish Food Machine                            $          0.00
Corral                                                   $      693.42
Donations-Save Our Pond               $      610.00
Building Rental                                  $    1,781.94
Trailer Parking                                   $        40.00
Firewise Reflective Address Sign   $        40.00
Total Income:                                     $ 4,250.36

IREA                                                    $      322.50      November-December electric bill
Colorado Natural Gas                       $      164.36      December-January gas bill
Bridge Loan Payment #3&4 of 10  $  1,400.00 *   Building Rental income make payments
Paul R. Ellis                                        $      263.37
Co2/Smoke detectors, dryer vent, WordPress annual fee
Fire Adapted Bailey (FAB)              $        50.00      Annual membership fee
Kathy Lower                                       $        50.00      5 Firewise reflective address signs
Total Expenses:                                 $ 2,250.33

February 6, 2019                                                  2019=28 members, 20 with fishing permits
Fish Fund                                            $   2,036.27
General Fund                                           3,231.53 **
Save Our Pond Donations                    9,223.00 ***
Checking Account                             $14,490.80

Loan Liability
Balance as of January 2, 2019        $ 5,600.00
Payment #3 & 4 of 10                       $ 1,400.00 *
Balance as of February 6, 2019     $ 4,200.00 **

***$6,423 donations from 40 community members, $2,000 from Colorado Division of the Izaak Walton League of America, and $800 secured from ECHPOA Fish Fund=$9,223 Save Our Pond Balance

Activity Report – Paul stated that this year we will need at least two or three Firewise work days and gather as much of the community individual times as we possibly can because of the changes made to their minimum requirements.  We will schedule a date in May during the April meeting.  There was some discussion about possibly renting a booth at Bailey Day which will be Saturday, June 22nd.  If we return the form by May 28th it will cost $100 per space, otherwise it will be $125.  Space is limited and on a first come first serve basis.  We would hopefully be able to generate some interest in pond fishing licenses (as a county wide requirement of our grant application) and donations to Save the Pond.  We would also need to create a banner to identify our association and what we are trying to accomplish.  Some comments made were too many people, long day from 9 am to 8 pm, and people only looking for crafts to buy or “free giveaways.” A decision was postponed, but will need to be made next meeting to avoid a higher entrance fee.

Building Report – Paul reported that the 2nd carbon monoxide detector was installed in the basement, and he and Eric Whitcomb had installed the dryer vent.  The 2nd final inspection was finally approved on January 28th, 11 months after the remodeling project started.  Eric disposed of the old tables and PVC tubing.  He also provided a trash can for the corral through his work that will have a weekly pickup.  Many thanks to Eric for that generous offer!  Paul and Karen installed a combination of LED and motion sensor bulbs in the basement to help save on electricity usage.  Kristin verified that the bathroom sink is still leaking.  Tim volunteered to fix it with Paul’s help.

Corral Report – Paul reported that he met with the corral boarders to discuss project needs and priorities.  Their priorities are #1 hay barn, #2 hay barn/shelter combination, #3 bathroom facility in basement of association building.  Paul has contacted Ace Hardware with dimensions for a quote on a three sided, roofed structure.  Paul also has costs on grinder toilets.  Paul and Karen have donated a vanity with sink and granite counter.  Priorities will be revisited after cost estimates are finished.

Pond Report – Paul stated that the pond is still frozen and the ice seems to be dropping with no visible water coming in or going out.  Many thanks to Cliff Barrett for plowing the ice skating area with his ATV.  Mark Beardsley (EcoMetrics) who had performed an assessment of our 7.5 acres of wetlands and determined it to be a perfect candidate for their Riparian Reconnect restoration grant project in which their main mission is to restore streams and riparian areas, then discussed our interest in participating in their project with the rest of his team.  On January 31st Paul and Karen participated in a conference call with Cheryl Cufre, Director of Land Stewardship, and Joel Nystrom, Stewardship Specialist and GIS Manager, to discuss the possibility of working together and what they needed from us.  On February 1st Colorado Open Lands submitted a $40K grant application to Colorado Water Conservation Board.  We are waiting to hear back from them.  The Fire Adapted Bailey (FAB) fund raiser held at the Tomahawk Ranch on February 2nd was a big success.  Karen and Tim were able to sit down at the fund raiser and discuss with Dick Eisner, our County Commissioner, about suggestions he may have to help our chances of being granted money to Save Our Pond through the Land and Water Trust Fund.  Dick seemed to be more positive this time compared to our presentation we had with him in November 2017.  He suggested we concentrate on county wide recreational access to our pond and wetlands and to come back with “partners” before requesting grant money.  He was also interested in our participating in the Riparian Reconnect project.  Karen announced that she created a new fundraising website hosted by In Our Back Yard (IOBY) who has a 501(c)(3) status so that all donations going through them are tax deductible.  IOBY has an 8% processing and fiscal sponsorship fee.  There was some discussion on how to best launch this new campaign to raise enough money to purchase equipment that will measure pond water levels and flow, and then be able to send that data collected to the Colorado Division of Water Resources.

Blog Report – Karen reported that it was an average month with 339 hits, 4 new posts, 6 pictures, and 2 new pages.

Old Business – Karen contacted our insurance agent and was told that as long as we post a disclaimer sign on the Little Food Pantry located on Miners Way, we are not liable and are covered by our insurance.  Victoria Brahe assured me that she had posted a sign that can be seen as soon as the door is opened.

New Business – Karen announced that there will not be a March meeting because only one board member will be available and we need two for quorum.  The next meeting will be April 3rd.  Ed Montgomery suggested we begin charging a fee for information requested by title companies, lenders, and realtors.  Karen gets many requests for information.  Ed has opened his own real estate company called Montgomery Mountain Real Estate.  Congratulations to him, we wish him lots of business!  The ballots were counted by Ed and all current board members were reelected.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 pm.