Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:10 PM.

Secretary’s report of the December 2012 meeting was read by Betty for Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept as read was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Gregg Pearson and carried.

Treasurer’s report was read by Ken showing checkbook balance of $4,240.65; Savings balance of $663.35; Fish Fund balance of $l,033.44 (included in checkbook balance); and General Fund balance $3,870.56 (Checkbook + Savings – Fish Fund).  Four new members for 2013.  Motion to accept treasurer’s report was made by Gregg  Pearson, seconded by Christina Burk and carried.

Pond Report:  Duane was absent.  Pond has been plowed and skaters have been using it.

Corral Report by Brad Burk:  Corral is currently full – eight horses.  It has been too cold to work on barn roof.  Corral members are asking for a dumpster at approximately $90.00 per month in which to put trash and manure for the winter months.  It would be dumped once a month.  They have a problem keeping the corral clean in this freezing weather.  They do have a harrow which Jeff pulls around, but isn’t adequate during winter months.  There as a discussion on this matter that resulted in Kathy Pearson making a motion that we get the dumpster.  This was seconded by Gregg Pearson.  This is to be a four month contract at a reasonable amount.  There was a majority vote to get the dumpster.

Activities Report:  Tracie Absent.  Results of New Year’s Eve Party – 9 regulars, 5 visitors. Played games until 11:25 PM.

Blog Report: Karen Ellis:  She posted six articles in December.  They had mountain lion on their property when they weren’t there.  Motion to accept report was made by Gregg Pearson, seconded by Paul Ellis and carried.

Deputy Report:  Jeff absent.

Old Business:  President Danny announced that we will be making final vote at the March meeting on whether or not the Fish Fund should remain a separate fund or be included in the General Fund.

New Business:  Brad Burk mentioned that the trailer that was left on ECHPOA property is apparently abandoned and could be used by the corral if it belonged to ECHPOA.  There was discussion on this matter.  It was decided that we needed to contact the party that left the trailer on our property, give him a set time to come and get it.  If it isn’t removed, see about declaring it abandoned and get it in the name of ECHPOA.

Karen Ellis had a card for all to sign for Joyce Deming who is very ill.

Motion to adjourn was made by Kathy Pearson, seconded by Christina Burk and carried, after which all helped put stamps and stickers on the newsletters.

Submitted by Ken Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer

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