The meeting of ECHPOA was called to order by Paul Ellis at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes from the December meeting were read by Felix Beall.  There was an error in the Treasurer’s Report for the “total expenses” calculation that was corrected by Karen Ellis.  Motion to accept the minutes as corrected was made by Walt Wark and seconded by Meg Wood, motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read by Felix as follows.  Motion to accept report was made by Karen and seconded by Meg, motion carried.

December 3, 2014

Fish Fund                            $  1,669.79

General Fund                        14,490.49

Checking Account            $16,160.28 


Membership Dues

Fishing Permits

Fish Food Machine

Corral                                   $     385.00


Total Income:                   $     385.00


Colorado Natural Gas        $     227.27           Oct – Nov &  Nov – Dec gas bill

IREA                                     $     152.36           November – December electric bill


A to Z Roofing                     $  7,434.00          Replace Association Building Roof

Felix Beall                            $       59.90           Crown Awards

Paul Ellis                              $       35.15           Fishing Badges

Total Expenses:                $  7,908.68

January 7, 2015

Fish Fund                            $  1,669.79

General Fund                          6,966.81

Checking Account            $  8,636.60

Activities Report, at this time there is no chairperson.  Upcoming Winter Fest Potluck and Skating Party was discussed.  Dale and Karen will run this gathering since no one has stepped forward to be activities chairperson.  Supplies were checked by Dale and Meg.  Walt will scrape ice on pond with ATV.  He will also bring firewood for the fire pit.  Ken will call the fire company with permit number and times.  Party will begin at 12:00 noon on Saturday, January 31st.

Blog report by Karen stated there were four new articles and seven pictures this month.  Blog had 300 hits this month which is slightly lower than normal.  Felix made a motion to accept report, seconded by Ken, motion carried.

Building report by Felix stated there is nothing new at this point.  Discussion and questions about a $200.00 refund check received from the insurance company for permit fees.  The check belongs to ECHPOA and will be deposited.  Motion to accept report was made by Karen, seconded by Ken, motion carried.

Bulletin Board report, it was stated by Walt that 4 of the 5 meeting flyers flew away in Sunday/Monday wind storms.  They were replaced Monday afternoon.  Paul suggested making lexan covers, screwed to boards, to protect the flyers.  He will work on design and installation.  Ken would like to see a phone number for contact information on all publicity material in addition to the web site address.  Charles Banks name and number are currently on monthly flyers, flume ads, and blog.  Ken’s suggestion will be incorporated into next year’s Newsletter and welcome letter.  Motion to accept report was made by Ken, seconded by Walt, motion carried.

Corral report was given by Meg.  There are currently eight horses.  All horses were cleared by the state vet and there is no quarantine.   Jeff will continue to be the contact person.  Motion to accept report was made by Karen, seconded by Walt, motion carried.

Membership report, it was stated by Dale that Membership for 2015 as of January 7th was 11 members, 9 with fishing passes.  Felix made a motion to accept report, seconded by Ken, motion carried.

Pond report, it was stated by Paul that ice covered pond and water is still flowing in.  Dock gangway is ready to be assembled and attached to dock in the spring.  Paul is looking into railings for gangway.

No old business

New business:

Karen stated that 363 Newsletters were mailed and so far we have had 5 returns.  The cost breakdown is $1.68 per Newsletter.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

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