Meeting was called to order by Secretary/Treasurer Ken Perdew at 7:15 PM.

Minutes of last meeting were read.  Paul moved with a second by Charles to approve.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was given showing a checkbook balance of $6662.91.  Savings Fund balance of $668.85, Fish Fund balance of $1385.71, leaving a balance of $5946.05 in the General Fund.  A question was asked by Paul if the General Fund has grown over the years.  Has been as membership has grown.  Today’s balance is after all bills have been paid including the Newsletter expense.  After a motion by Paul and second by Karen the report was approved.

Pond report was given by Charles.  Ice on the west end of the pond is thin where the creek runs in.  Need someone to remove snow for a skating area.  Thickness of the ice is a concern.  Possible to have top of ice flooded to make a smoother surface.  Charles will follow on this.  Dave moved with a second by Jeff that the report be approved.  Motion carried.

Corral report:  Jeff reported that all is well.  No further notice of hay missing.  Charles moved with a second from Paul that the report be approved.  Motion carried.

Activities report:  New Year’s Eve Party had two people attend.  Ken & Betty.

Blog report from Karen.  Number of hits for Oct. 356, Nov. 269 and Dec. 263.  Articles and pictures are always welcome.  After a motion by Dave and a seconded by Jeff the report was approved.

Old business:  Now have six names on the ballot for the 2014 Board of Directors.  Ken Perdew’s name has been added after volunteering and approval from the current Board.  Others on the ballot; Charles Banks, Felix Beall, Brad Burk, Jeff DeBerry and Paul Ellis.  Ballots to be submitted by the February 5th meeting with payment of 2014 Dues.

Copies of the By-Laws are available.

Meeting was adjourned after passing a motion by Jeff and a second by Paul.

Next meeting will be at 7 PM, Wednesday, February 5, 2014.

Submitted by Ken Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer

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