The meeting was called to order by President Charles Banks at 7:12 p.m.

Minutes of the June 3rd meeting and Treasurer’s Report   Paper copies of both reports were made available on each table and read silently by those attending.  Motion to accept both reports was made by Ken Perdew and seconded by Paul Ellis.  The motion carried.

June 3, 2015

Fish Fund                            $  3,144.79

General Fund                         8,729.98

Checking Account             $11,874.77


Membership Dues            $     175.00

Fishing Permits                 $    150.00

Fish Food Machine

Corral                                  $     243.33


Total Income:                    $    568.33


Colorado Natural Gas      $       44.45           May – June gas bill

IREA                                    $       26.16           May – June electric bill


Liley Fisheries, Inc.          $  1,043.48          Trout to stock pond and fish food

Paul Ellis                             $  1,346.79*

*(Material reimbursement for:  shelter roofs=$747.30, window repair=$307.82, office supplies=$158.04, water tank box=$63.04, gangway parts=$52.70, and kitchen repair=$17.89)

Dale Wark                          $      244.16         Summer BBQ meat and supplies

Total Expenses:                $  2,705.04

July 1, 2015                                                   80 members, 66 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                            $  2,251.31

General Fund                         7,486.75

Checking Account             $ 9,738.06

Activities Report   The BBQ was very successful with about 50 people attending.  Thank you to Bryan Murphy and Jeff DeBerry for all of their help with the pulled pork and beef brisket sandwiches.  Dale Wark recommended adding small bottles of water next year.   Motion to accept the report was made by Paul and seconded by Karen Ellis.  The motion carried.

Blog Report   Karen reported there were 456 hits which is less than last month’s 617, but still above average.  There were 9 new articles, 30 pictures and 2 pages added.  Motion to accept the report was made by Sharon Alfers and seconded by Walt Wark.  The motion carried.

Building Report   Felix Beall called Charles with nothing to report on building improvements.  Karen reported discussing with Joe Samu many possible construction projects to enhance the association building.  A prioritized list needs to be submitted and weighed against our budget.  We will need to recruit and organize volunteers to help with our many projects.  Charles has generously donated the following power tools to the association:  table saw, miter saw, scroll saw, saw horses, 6’ ladder.  These will be stored in the association building and available for members to use.  We can’t thank Charles enough!  These tools will definitely be used and greatly appreciated.  Motion to accept report was made by Paul and seconded by Karen.  The motion carried.

Bulletin Board Report   Dale reported that 2 of the membership brochure boxes had to be refilled.  Motion to accept report was made by Mike Felix and seconded by Walt.  The motion carried.

Corral Report   Paul noted that Jeff DeBerry and several others have built steps using railroad ties as part of an obstacle course that will mimic trail rides for horse training.  A program of fly control is in place using parasitic wasps.  Paul would like to buy special thermometers to test the progress of manure composting.  Mike noted that air pumped through the manure speeds up the composting.  Motion to accept the report and purchase was made by Mike and seconded by Walt.  The motion carried.

Pond Report   Charles said the creek flow has slowed down, the pond level is holding and the water is clearing up.  Charles had to address some regulation violators who were chumming and cleaning fish on the picnic table.  No Cut Throat trout were available for stocking this year.  The pond has an area were silt is filling in a deep hole by the dock.  One barrel needs to be checked and possibly replaced under the gangway.  Mike will supply a new barrel.  A sign will be placed on the dock that advises parents that no child under 13 is allowed on the dock without supervision.  Motion to accept the report was made by Mike and seconded by Sharon.  The motion carried.

Old Business    Reminder of July 11th Shred-a-Thon at Crow Hill Insurance.

New Business   Charles suggested looking into whether or not the Covenants could be eliminated.  Our Covenants were written and filed with the Clerk and Recorder of Park County in December, 1970, by the Tatum-Reese Development Corporation for the Elk Creek Highlands / Meadows subdivisions.  Our Covenants is considered a legal contract between priviately owned property and the developer.  At this time the Tatum-Reese Development Corporation no longer exists.  ECHPOA will need contact the county lawyer regarding this suggestion.

Karen asked about possible rental properties for next summer.  Several suggestions were made.

Charles announced that he has sold his house and will be moving to Michigan by the end of June.  This leaves a vacancy on the Board and a Manager for the Pond.  The Board is actively seeking volunteers for these positions.  There was a discussion about the proper procedure to fill these positions.  We certainly want to thank Charles for all that he has done and given to the ECHPOA, and will miss seeing him sitting in his lawn chair, fishing, down at the pond!  We wish Charles and his wife great happiness as they start their next adventure!

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 p.m. was made by Paul and seconded by Walt.  The motion carried.

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