The meeting was called to order by President Charles Banks at 7:06 P.M.  President Banks introduced Officer Scott Murdock, District Wild Life Officer, who proceeded to discuss beavers, moose, and bears.  Regarding reintroducing beavers in our old spot, there would be much preliminary work to do first, such as getting permission from all owners along the creek one mile in both directions, if there are no beavers already downstream, permission from Army Corp of Engineers, water rights, etc.   Regarding moose, he stated that they are very dangerous.  Many of the moose attacks on people have been caused by dogs running loose while people are hiking.  Keep them on the leash when walking in forests.  Regarding bears,  the black bears that we have around here are mostly looking for food, not humans.  Hibernation period is middle of Nov. to middle of Apr.  Don’t reward them by leaving bird feeders and other food and garbage out and they won’t be back.  They can open lever handles.

Dispensed with reading of last months minutes.

Treasurer’s Report by Ken Perdew:

Checkbook Balance –           $ 7,791.78

Savings Balance –                      $664.19

Fish Fund Balance –            $ 1,558.63

Available General Fund –  $ 6,897.34

There are 73 members, 57 with fishing.

Income for June:

Membership dues                   $ 140.00

Fishing Permits                       $ 100.00

Corral                                          $ 195.66

Fish Food Machine                  $ 50.96

Total Income                            $486.62

Expenses for June:

Co. Nat. Gas                                 $45.49

IREA                                              $40.14

Misc. – Dock                             $ 555.38

Misc. – BBQ                              $ 209.37

Returned Ck. Chg.                   $10.00

Returned Ck                              $60.00

Total Expenses                      $ 920.39

Motion to accept treasurers report was made by Brad Burk, seconded by Christina Burk and passed.

Roof Report by Felix:  He has three bids new roofing between $5,000 & $7,000.   There was much discussion as to whether we can take the old roof off ourselves, how much reduction that would be if any, if volunteers would be covered by insurance, etc.  Nothing definite was decided. Motion to accept report was made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Stan Williamson  & passed.

Bulletin Board Report by Joyce Deming:  The Stagecoach BB looks nice and the notices are staying on it.  Thanks go to a neighbor who painted and put screens on the side so all the notices wouldn’t be blowing in his yard.  Motion to accept report was made by Jeff, seconded and carried.

Corral Report:  All is well.  Needs to be some improvements made and some fencing improved.  Motion to accept report made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Christina Burk and carried.

Deputy Report by Jeff DeBerry:  Urged everyone to be careful if on the highway this weekend as there is another large concert at Red Hill Pass.  Remember no fireworks are allowed.   Motion to accept report was made and seconded by Brad & Christina Burk.

Pond Report by Charles Banks:  Water level is dropping, fishing is up and down. Water has cleared up.  Motion to accept report made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded by Don Velasquez and carried.

Blog Report sent in by Karen Ellis:  Posted 13 articles, 34 pictures, and there were 349 hits.

Left-over BBQ food went to Harris Park to Widow’s Oil Food Pantry.  Motion to accept report was made by Jeff DeBerry, seconded and carried.

No Old Business.

No New Business.

Motion to adjourn meeting was made by Felix Beall, seconded by Brad Burk and carried.

Time – 8:45 P.M.

Next meeting will be held at 7 PM, Wednesday, August 6, 2014.

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