The meeting was called to order at 7:13 P.M. by President Charles Banks.  Minutes of the May 7th meeting were read by Ken Perdew.  The motion to approve these minutes was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Dale Wark and approved.  Ken then gave the Treasurer’s report as follows:

Checkbook Balance – $8,165.55

Savings Balance –             664.18

Fish Fund Balance        1,458.63

General Fund Avail.      7,371.11

Income for May       –

Membership Dues – $ 490.00

Fishing Permits –         276.00

Corral –                          384.91

Donations –                     41.34

Total Income –        $ 1,191.25

Expenses for May –

Colorado Nat’l Gas     $ 52.72

IREA                                 41.21

Miscellaneous                14.83 – Kitchen Supplies

311.00 – Survey’s, Name tags, postage

1,262.08 – Liley Fisheries

Total Expenses –   $ 1,681.84

Motion to approve Treasurer’s Report was made by Ivan Erwin, seconded by Karen Ellis and approved.

ACTIVITIES REPORT:  BBQ is at noon on 21st.  Need someone to purchase items for kitchen and food, (Karen and Jana will do this), need help to set up (Dale, Walt & Karen will do this), cook hot dogs, hamburgers (Paul & others).  Decided could have an impromptu fish derby if children come as have some prizes from last year.  Motion to accept this report was made by Ivan Erwin, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.

DEPUTY REPORT: by two officers who came in place of Jeff DeBerry – They mentioned the high fire danger and the many dangerous speeders on highway 43.

BLOG REPORT: by Karen Ellis:  She posted 15 articles last month.  There were 541 hits and new pictures.  Motion to accept report was made by Joyce Deming, seconded by Jana Coughlin and carried.

BUILDING REPORT: Felix Beall has contacted 3 roofers for estimates, has contact from l and has l more to contact.

BULLETIN BOARD REPORT: by Joyce Deming: Have not painted the boards yet.  She wondered if anything could be done by the deputies to keep people from tearing everything off the board at Stagecoach.  Deputies said that we could put a sign that says any removing of items would result in prosecution. (Joyce and Vic did get the ECHPOA sign by Elk Cr. Drive painted, straightened and it looks great.  Thanks! ) Motion to accept report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Ivan Erwin and approved.

MEMBERSHIP REPORT: by Karen Ellis:  Regarding the surveys – 35 have been counted and there are a few more yet to count.  The committee had said they would have a drawing for 2 or 3 prizes to those who filled out the surveys.  There was discussion on how many to give and how much. Paul Ellis moved that we get a $20.00 and a $10.00 King Soopers certificate unless we get something else from Moore Lumber.  After more discussion Allen Ellerbruck amended the first motion to two $20.00 certificates.  Karen then mentioned a brochure that the Committee designed.  She will give copies to each Board Member for approval.  Motion to accept report was made by Ivan Erwin, seconded by Paul Ellis.  There was one dissenting vote.

POND REPORT: by Charles Banks:  Pond is stocked – l50 lbs. rainbows, 100 cutthroats, 50 golden trout.  Pond is full and running out.  People are catching fish.  There was discussion about the second old overflow pipe and what might be done with it.  Paul Ellis heard of a company called “Insituform” that he will contact regarding lining old pipes.  Joyce said that Vic had tested the water and will have the results soon.  Oxygen is going down and water is murky.  Motion to accept report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Ivan Erwin and passed.

DOCK REPORT:  by Paul Ellis – all wood is in the basement.  Needs to be cut to size. He will paint this weekend to cover the treated wood.  Doesn’t have wood for walkway yet.

There was more discussion on the Beaver Dam.  Jason Coughlin will see about contacting Corp of Engineers.

Regarding trash pickup along our streets and roads, Jason Coughlin will try to organize a day to get everyone together to do that.

New Business:  There will be a County Slash pickup August 30, 31; Sept. 6,7; 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Motion to adjourn was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Karen Ellis at almost 9:00 P.M.

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