Meeting was called to order by Ken.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved after a motion by Gregg and a second by Karen.

Treasurer’s report was given by Ken Perdew, showing a checkbook balance of $7,684.10, Savings balance of $663.19 and Fish Fund balance of $2,120.19, leaving $6,227.60 in the General Fund.  We have had General Fund donations in the amount of $360.00 so far this year.  We now have 62 members, 45 with fishing privileges.  Motion to accept by Paul with a second by Allen.  Motion carried.

Pond report:  New supply of fish has been delivered.

Corral report:  Brad reported that all OK.

Activities report:  BBQ to be held at noon, Saturday, June 22nd.  Prizes for children are ready.  Community Yard sale with be held July 13th and 14th.  Watch for updates on the Blog and from emails or call Danny for details.

Blog report from Karen.  6 new postings with 383 hits the past month.

Old business:  Picnic shelter plan changes have been completed by Paul to allow for wind tolerance.  Thanks to Gregg for placing meeting signs each month.  New battery has been installed in the smoke detector!

New business:  July meeting is scheduled for the 3rd.  Due to the 4th of July holiday and vacation times, Paul moved and Gregg seconded that we cancel the July meeting.  Motion carried.  Next meeting scheduled for August 7, 2013.  A discussion was held concerning the duties of the Secretary/Treasurer.  Some suggestions were made and some volunteered to assume some of the duties.  No final decision was made.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55 pm after a motion by Gregg and a second by Allen.

Submitted by Ken Perdew, Secretary/Treasurer

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