June 5, 2019


The meeting was brought to order by Vice President Tim Bradley at 7:05 pm.

Minutes for May 1st were handed out to be reviewed.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Ed Montgomery and seconded by Helen Cook.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Member Luke Bagwell had many questions on the report and the pond fund. Tim and other members answered his questions as best as we could.  The report showed we have over $10K in the Save Our Pond Fund.  $720.00 of that amount has come from the “In Our Back Yard” website.  Paul and Karen Ellis continue to work on getting another corporate partner.  We are scheduled to go before the County Commissioners in October.

Activity Report – The Firewise work day on May 18th went very well.  We had 8 volunteers and worked on 3 properties for about 4 hours.  The FAB (Fire Adapted Bailey) presentation on May 4th was informative and well attended.  No information on how the Harris Park gun range clean up went.  It was the same day as our Firewise Community work day.

Building Report – A big thank you goes to Eric Whitcomb, Jeff DeBerry, and Pat McCrary for cleaning up the area by the old hay barn. Horse trailers and tractors can now be stored closer to the corral, opening up an area to rent for trailer storage.  Karen sent a mass email to members advertising the availability of trailer rental space.  The monthly fee is $1.50 a foot including the hitch.  Karen and Paul are storing their camper there.  No one else has inquired about the space.  Any rental income will go to building improvements and maintenance.

Pond Report – Fish delivery is scheduled for June 13th.  The restoration of beaver ponds on our wetland area is scheduled to start sometime in July.  We currently have 14 volunteers to help the Riparian Reconnect Group.  We will need to contribute 200 volunteer hours to meet our commitment.

Corral Report – Helen stated that general maintenance is ongoing. Tim asked if anyone knows of someone who would be interested in the old barn wood.

Blog Report – Karen reported there were 265 hits, 3 new articles, 7 new pictures, and 1 new page for the month of May. That was slightly below average.  Last month was a record high.

Old Business – Reminder that Crow Hill Insurance Shred-a-Thon is Saturday, June 22nd from 9:00 to 12:00. Annual Bailey Day is also the 22nd.  FAB will be sharing a booth with Platte Canyon FD.  They will be doing Laptop Code Red signups, collecting donations for road mitigation, and Firewise address sign making.  Local Firewise communities will be listed on their banner including ECHPOA.  John and Debi VanDoren are asking for volunteers to cover shifts.  Please contact Paul Ellis if interested in volunteering.

Paul’s email is PaulRobertEllis@aol.com or phone 720-903-0502

New Business – Membership Brochures and the Blog have been updated to include the offer of annual fishing permits to Park County residents for $30.00 per badge. Park County first responders get their first badge free. Hopefully we will have enough volunteers on the 22nd to generate interest in our pond.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 8:06 pm by Ed and seconded by Walt Wark.


Below is a link to the ECHPOA Treasurer’s Report ending May 31, 2019.