Meeting was opened at 7:10 PM by Vice-President Tracie Schaefer in the absence of President Danny Colligan.  Tracie gave a welcome to all who were attending, and several new members were introduced.

Secretary’s report of previous meeting was read by Betty Perdew for Ken, with one correction in previous month’s treasurer’s report.  Motion to accept was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Kathy.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s report was read by Ken showing checkbook balance of $4,675.59, which includes the Fish Fund of $958.44.  There is $663.02 in Savings.  Total in all funds $5,338.61.  Motion to accept made by Greg, seconded by Kathy.  Motion carried.  We now have 60 members, 45 with fishing.

POND REPORT:  by Duane Thompson:  In first part of May they put in 100 rainbows 9-14″, and 100 8×10″ rainbows.  Were unable to get any goldens.  He and others have been cleaning the Church Fork Creek channel.  Needs volunteers to help carry slash from Ken’s property that was cut while cleaning the creek.  He has removed about 20 dead fish – all large.  Don’t know what is causing this.  If you hurt a fish badly when you catch it, please keep it!

Deputy Report:  Deputy not present.

Corral Report:  No one from Corral was present.

Activities Report:  by Tracie:  Remember the barbeque on June 23rd at noon.  The grill will be manned by Greg Pearson and Paul Ellis.  Tracie will have coffee, lemonade, iced tea and have the hotdogs and hamburgers there.  Everyone please bring a dish to share.

Blog Report:  Karen Ellis:   Asked for pictures, etc. and the past month she received 11, 2 new businesses and information on erosion control.

New Business:  Discussion on a shelter at the pond over the picnic table, and a picture of one was sent around.  No decision was made.

Old Business:  Felix will set the bulletin board at the mailboxes by Aspen.

Motion to adjourn was made by Felix Beall, seconded by Greg.  Meeting adjourned at 7:40 PM.

Twenty members were present.

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