Meeting was called to order by Charles Banks at 7:08 p.m.  New officers were announced as follows:

Charles Banks – President

Jeff DeBerry – Vice President

Karen Ellis – Secretary/Treasurer

Paul Ellis – Board

Felix Beall – Board

Dale Wark – Alternate Board

Minutes of February 4th were read by Dale.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Jeff, seconded by Walt Wark.  Motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Karen.  Motion to accept was made by Jeff, seconded by Walt.  Motion carried.

February 4, 2015

Fish Fund                            $  2,369.79

General Fund                          8,079.85

Checking Account            $10,449.64


Membership Dues             $     210.00

Fishing Permits                 $      125.00

Fish Food Machine

Corral                                   $     493.21


Building Rental                  $      50.00

Donations                            $       15.00

Total Income:                     $    893.21


Colorado Natural Gas       $      96.36           January – February gas bill

IREA                                     $     125.10          January – February electric bill


Park County Treasurer     $     844.60         2014 Property Taxes

Charles Banks                     $       34.85         New dead bolt and rekeying

Total Expenses:                  $  1,100.91

March 4, 2015                                               51 members, 36 with fishing permits

Fish Fund                            $  2,494.79

General Fund                          7,747.15

Checking Account            $10,241.94

Activities Report – The next social function will be The Summer BBQ and Pot Luck on June 13th.  There was a complaint from the building rental on February 28th about the refrigerator and garbage disposal not working.  The refrigerator just needed to change plug into another outlet.  Dead outlet will be marked for future use.

Blog Report was given by Karen.  There were 252 hits with 5 new articles and 18 new pictures.  She said that is slightly less than most months.  Charles said, “What a super, professional job Karen does and we appreciate her hard work.”  Motion to accept report was made by Paul, seconded by Betty Perdew. Motion carried.

Building Report – Felix was not at the meeting, no report was given.  Charles would still like to see a written list of recommendations for building repairs.

Bulletin Board Report was given by Paul.  He reported every bulletin board now has heavy plastic covers for notices.  It was discussed to add brochure boxes with lids for ECHPOA Informational brochures.  It was also suggested to make labels for notice covers with ECHPOA Use Only.  Motion to accept report was made by Jeff, seconded by Theresa Murphy.  Motion carried.

Corral Report was given by Jeff.  He reported there are 6 horses at present with 2 horses away for training. Full payment is expected to hold spots for the 2 horses.  Jeff, Paul, and Walt will work on solar water heater tanks this weekend.  Electricity at corral needs to be checked out.  Breaker boxes and plugs are not up to standards.  Corral also needs work on re-siding of sheds and roofs.  Bryan Murphy and Meg Wood will look into manure removal options. They will ask Felix about electrical work before looking into hiring a contractor.  The Insurance Company will be called to check if any of the repairs would be covered.  Charles asked the corral people to come up with a priority list of repairs.  Charles mentioned that the well water is included in the monthly fee.  Motion to accept report was made by Theresa and seconded by Karen.  Motion carried.

Membership Report was given by Karen.  She stated we have 51 members, 36 also have fishing permits.  Motion to accept report was made by Jeff, seconded by Walt.  Motion carried.

Pond Report was given by Charles.  He reported the ice is 10 inches thick on the pond, creek is still running so pond should be very healthy.  It was noted that the lid on the overflow is slightly open but should not be a problem. Motion to accept the report was made by Paul, seconded by Theresa.  Motion carried.

Old Business – Charles reported the door knobs are fixed.  He would like to see members write a wish list of repairs to be made.  The deck needs inspection and some repairs.  Paul will look into garbage disposal hook up this weekend.

New Business – Ken and Betty Perdew would like to hang their service plaque in the association building. It was agreed to as a great idea as long as their picture is hung too.

Motion to adjourn meeting at 8:02 p.m. was made by Meg, seconded by Walt. Motion carried.

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