The meeting was called to order by new President Charles Banks at 7:15 PM.  After a brief talk by Mr. Banks, the minutes of the February meeting were read by Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Jeff DeBerry and seconded by Mike Felix.  Motion carried.

The Treasurer’s Report was read by Ken Perdew showing a checkbook balance of $8,058.85, Savings balance of $ 664.19, Fish Fund Balance of $ 2,095.71, and General Fund balance of $ 6,627.33.  There are now 41 members for 2014, 29 having fishing permits.  Motion to accept treasurer/s report as read was made by Danny Colligan, seconded by Mike Felix and carried.

POND REPORT by Charles Banks:  Church Fork is still running and pond water is going through the overflow.  He has ordered fish which will be available the first week of June, including some cutthroat and golden trout if available.  A new fish food dispenser has been ordered.  He has fixed some of the signs at the pond.  Watch out for the ice at the west end of the pond – it is quite thin.  Motion to accept Pond Report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.

ACTIVITY REPORT:  Tracie was absent, but has personally reserved the building for May 22, 23, and 24.  The next scheduled activity is the BBQ potluck in June.  Motion to accept this report was made by Jeff DeBerry and seconded by Ted Stein and carried.

BLOG REPORT by Karen Ellis:  She posted 5 new articles on the blog this month.  There were 323 hits.  There was a question about running ads on the blog.  Karen said there is room for them.  After discussion it was decided to run sales ads, etc. for a period of one month, then if the item did not sell or is no word from advertiser, it would be taken off the blog.  Motion to accept the Blog Report was made by Paul Ellis, seconded by Jeff DeBerry and carried.

CORRAL REPORT by Jeff DeBerry:  Corral is full and good.  He asked for any information that anyone had on ways to heat water tanks.  Solar power, etc.  There will be lots of work in the spring – plant more grass, flatten the arena.  After discussion it was agreed that Jeff would be called the “Corral Contact”, but if anyone sees an immediate problem with the corral (fences down, etc. or a problem with the horses, call any of the corral personnel.  Names and numbers are on the outside building bulletin board.  Motion to accept this report was made by Karen Ellis, seconded by Ted Stein and approved.

DEPUTY REPORT by Jeff DeBerry:   “Crimes of Opportunity” have occurred in Burland and in Harris Park.  He advises that everyone should put serial numbers on all their tools, jewelry (engrave), pictures of other possessions so that police can identify them if they are stolen.  They have been taking anything that they can carry. They have found items that were stolen in Denver pawn shops.   Jeff has been concerned about the house on Clark that has graffiti on the garage door, which is open again, and has found that it is bank owned.  He has some people to supply the paint and do the painting to take care of these things to help our neighborhood look better.  Motion to accept Corral Report was made by Mike Felix, seconded by Ted Stein and carried.

OLD BUSINESS:  Paul Ellis shared his progress on the Picnic Table Shelter, saying that he has the necessary changes made in the plans and now they need to go back to the engineer for approval.  He has twenty-two barrels for the dock, which is enough, and he will buy the wood needed.  Motion to accept this report was made by Dave Lutter and seconded by Walt Wark and approved.

Other Old Business:  The beaver dam repair and recreation of the pond was brought up.  After discussion, Paul Ellis brought up the fact that “Trout Unlimited” gives grants to improve fish habitat.  He will check on it.  He made the motion that we contact Trout Unlimited about this and how to repair the dam.  Karen Ellis seconded this motion which was approved.

NEW BUSINESS:  It was brought up that it would be good for the Association to have a Membership Director.  Paul Ellis read the Membership Committee requirements.  The Association is looking for someone to head this committee.  Motion to accept was made by Jeff DeBerry and seconded by Ted Stein and approved.

Other New Business:  Ken Perdew mentioned that the Association owns four bulletin boards by the banks of mailboxes and one on the outside front of the building.  We need a caretaker for these boards.  Some need repairing, old messages need to be taken off, need to clean up around them, and some need painting.  This need will be put on the blog by Karen.  Motion to approve was made by Mike Felix, seconded by Ted Stein and approved.

More New Business:

Thanks to Danny Colligan for doing the job of President last year.

Thanks to Felix Beal for repairing electrical at the building.

Jeff DeBerry mentioned that some HOA’s are having quarterly dinners with special speakers. He suggested we think about doing this.  He will make contact with some possible speakers and groups.

It was noted that a company in Castle Rock is wanting to put two cell phone towers to serve CR43 & CR47 areas.

Next meeting is 7 PM, Wednesday, April 2, 2014.

Motion to adjourn was made by Dave Lutter, seconded by Jeff DeBerry and carried.

Submitted by Ken Perdew.  Thanks to Betty Perdew for taking and typing the minutes.

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