Meeting was called to order by new President Danny Colligan at 7:05.

Danny introduced Mark Anderson who told us about building community and single greenhouses with hydroponic systems.  These would be suitable for this elevation, could grow produce all year around.  Solar greenhouses can be constructed from mostly recycled materials.  A community greenhouse could produce food to sell, helping fund various projects we might have.  For more information e-mail:  Eternamark@yahoo.com.

Following the talk, the secretary’s report was read by Betty for Ken.  Greg Pearson moved that we accept the minutes as read.  Tracie Schafer seconded and the motion carried.

Ken read the treasurer’s report showing $3733.72 in all funds – Savings $662.68 – Fishing $1078.80 – General $2654.92.  There are 32 members, 22 with fishing permits.  Motion to accept treasurer’s report was made by Greg, seconded by Jeff DeBerry and carried.

FISHING REPORT:  by Duane Thompson:  Ice fishermen say they are catching some fish and they seem in good condition.  STAY OFF THE ICE!  It is changing – the edges are crystallizing and the ice is weak.  There is still 41/2 to 5′ of water under the ice.  It is still losing water and never has been this low before.  He has been working on the headgate to see if it is still in good condition.  He is looking for a back hoe to take sediment out since the water is so low.  Motion to accept this report was made by Brad Burk, seconded by Greg and carried.

CORRAL REPORT:  by Meg Wood:  Two young men have been working at the corral doing community service.  They have a new contract to give to the Association Board for approval.  They are needing dirt for the corral yard as there is a lot of mud there.  Danny said he would bring his roto-tiller and see what he could do with it.  Motion to accept report was made by Greg, seconded by Brad and carried.

ACTIVITY REPORT:  by Tracie Schafer:  Nothing planned until June except some clean-up days in spring.

BLOG REPORT: by Karen Ellis:  Wants any pictures, business card, ads, etc., for the blog.

DEPUTY REPORT:  by Jeff DeBerry:  Keep car doors and house doors locked.  He will get materials to fix the mailbox signboards and have the community service boys help.

GRANTS:  Paul Ellis stated that there are grants available for ponds from several organizations.  His information was given to Duane.

As there was no further business, meeting was adjourned at 7:55.

Nineteen members were present.

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