March 7, 2018


The meeting was called to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:01 pm.  Big thanks to Kristin Barber for making the coffee and providing the cookies for the meeting!

We had 2 surprise guest speakers who introduced themselves.  Dave Wissel is a Park County Assessor candidate and also on the Land and Water Trust Fund Board (LWTFB).  Tom McGraw is a Park County Sheriff candidate.  Both spoke for about 20 minutes explaining their background, goals for the county, and answered questions.  Both stayed after the meeting had adjourned to meet with members.

General meeting began at 7:45 pm.  The minutes from the previous month’s meeting were handed out to be reviewed.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Ed Montgomery and seconded by Doug Druliner.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen stated that Kristin paid rent owed plus a couple of months in advance to help pay for remodeling bathrooms upstairs. Total rental income (without paid utilities) is now about $2,500 which has been set aside for the remodel.  IREA was paid last month.  Microwave broke and needed to be replaced.  Number of members is currently higher than what we had as of May last year.  Insurance premium, which is about $1,700, will need to be paid in March.  This will leave about $2,000 in General Fund.  Lynda James asked for confirmation that the total amount secured to Save Our Pond is now $5,046.  Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report was made by Lynda and seconded by Sarah Bowman.  The motion carried.

February 7, 2018
Fish Fund                                            $  2,834.72
General Fund                                          4,498.43
Save Our Pond Donations                    4,071.00
Checking Account                            $11,404.15

Membership Dues                             $     360.00
Fishing Permits                                  $      175.00
Fish Food Machine                            $         0.00
Corral                                                   $      555.25
Donations-Save Our Pond               $      175.00
Building Rental                                  $ 2,000.00      Amount due plus 2-3 months in advance
Total Income:                                    $ 3,265.25

IREA                                                      $        0.00      Paid 2 months last month
Colorado Natural Gas                        $    204.20      January-February gas bill
Paul Ellis                                              $     550.42
(Fishing Badges = $57.75, Microwave = $229.37, Lights (outside under deck)= $199.11, Stamps, Summons, Paper = $64.19)
Total Expenses:                                  $   754.62

March 7, 2018                                                       2018=47 members, 33 with fishing permits
Fish Fund                                             $  2,951.97      ($500 secured for Save Our Pond)
General Fund                                           6,716.81      ($300 secured for Save Our Pond)
Save Our Pond Donations                    4,246.00
Checking Account                            $13,914.78

Activities Report – Karen announced “The Black Forest Fire and it’s Aftermath” community meeting will be held at the Platte Canyon Fire Protection District building on Saturday, March 31st, from 2 pm to 4 pm.  Hours attended by our community members will count towards being recognized this year as a Firewise community.  Paul stated that Firewise activities in our community will begin in the spring, date to be announced later.  Motion to accept the Activities Report was made by Karen and seconded by Ed.  The motion carried.

Building Report – Paul reported that all documents needed for general contractor building permit were pulled together, notarized, and given to Doug Tamminga last Saturday.  He was planning on submitting our permit application to the county on Tuesday.  We are hoping to begin construction in about 2 weeks.  Doug will be the overall contractor and doing some of the work, Herb Swindler will be doing the plumbing, Simon Lawson will be doing the electrical, Jason Nelson will be doing some of the construction, and hopefully a volunteer community worker will be doing demolition and trash removal.  Paul also announced that the 5 windows Joe Morris is so generously donating are ready and is working with Kristin to schedule installation.  Motion to accept the Building Report was made by Doug and seconded by Lynda.  The motion carried.

Corral Report – Helen stated that there has been no new wind damage since the last repairs.  The three tank heaters are still being used.  Buying water and filling tanks take a lot of volunteer time and effort, especially in the winter.  They are currently looking to purchase seed to spread in the pastures this spring.  Motion to accept the Corral Report was made by Lynda and seconded by Ed.

Pond Report – Chris McAllister reported that the ice is still about 16 inches as he is still drilling holes to pump water and make the area for skating smooth, plus sometimes for ice fishermen.  Again, big thanks to Chris for making the pond such a great place to ice skate!  Paul stated that water is still flowing into and out of the pond and the height of the ice has risen slightly.  Because the Platte Canyon Community Partnership Resale Boutique in Bailey had turned us down, Karen contacted Jeff at Crow Hill Café and he offered his parking lot for a community garage sale.  Helen suggested we talk with the complex owner also.  There was some discussion as to where a garage sale should be held.  Jeff also agreed to a possible fund raiser luncheon.  Marcel at Aspen Peak Cellars might also be able to provide a fund raiser.  Paul has contacted Trout Unlimited; their grant applications are due in April.  He has not been able to contact anyone at Izaak Walton League of America yet.  He contacted El Pomar and was told their grant applications are only for Teller and Douglas counties.  Motion to accept the Pond Report was made by Ed and seconded by Lynda.  The motion carried.

Blog Report – Karen reported there were 454 hits, 6 new articles, 5 pictures and 1 new page.  This is the highest number of hits in 1.5 years.  Karen is getting many phone calls from realtors and title companies, she refers them to the blog for our documentation and information.  One realtor said there was a big jump in the number of people looking for houses in our community.  Motion to accept the Blog Report was made by Doug and seconded by Ed.  The motion carried.

Old Business – There was no old business.

New Business – Allen cook told Paul that he is moving this weekend, leaving a vacancy among board members.  Anyone interested in becoming an alternate, please let us know.  Sarah said she just had her house tested for radon and it was 3 times the acceptable amount.  They had a radon mitigation installed for about $1,350.  Ed agreed that it was extremely important to have your home tested as radon amounts continue to fluctuate and is very prevalent in this area.  Doug suggested to leave a vent open to the outside when running water in the sink or shower, as radon is a gas and will separate from the water going down the drain.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 8:33 pm by Lynda and seconded by Doug. The motion carried.