Meeting was called to order by President Danny Colligan at 7:08 P.M.

Minutes of last meeting were read by Betty Perdew for Ken Perdew.  Motion to accept the minutes of last meeting was made by Christina Burk, seconded by Greg Pearson and carried.

Treasurer’s Report was read by Ken Perdew showing the checkbook balance of $6,346.19, Savings balance of $ 663.69 (an increase of $.17 interest), and Fish Fund balance of $ 1,870.19, leaving $5,139.69 in the General Fund.  We now have 51 members, 35 with fishing privileges.  Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Karen Ellis and carried.

No Pond Report due to the absence of Duane Thompson.

Corral Report by Jeff DeBerry:  No one has come up with a tractor, but Danny Colligan loaned them a tiller, so they have been tilling the pasture and will probably plant seed next week after the snow melts.  They would like to get seed on at least two acres.  Motion to accept report was made by Greg Pearson and seconded by Brad Burk.

Activity Report by Tracie Schaefer:  Our Annual BBQ will be Saturday, June 22nd at noon.  Karen Ellis suggested we have a fishing derby for children also, with prizes, etc.  There was discussion on this.  Final plans will be made at the June meeting.  For the BBQ, hamburger, hotdogs, buns, drinks will be provided.  Bring a dish to share.

Yard Sale by Danny Colligan:  This will allow everyone to sell their items at their own homes.  Tracie Schaefer will help Danny with maps, advertising, etc.  The suggestion was made that we sell hot dogs, etc. at the ECHPOA building and people who only have a few items, donate them to ECHPOA to sell at the building.  It was also suggested that we open the sale to the whole neighborhood, whether or not they are members of the ECHPOA.  It was decided that this sale will be July 13th and 14th.  Final details will be announced at June meeting.

Blog Report by Karen Ellis:  Karen posted 4 articles to the blog this month.  There were 340 hits.

Deputy Report by Jeff DeBerry:  If you have checked Pine Cam you will note that there have been break-ins in Roland Valley recently.  These are crimes of opportunity – cars left open in yards, in garages and items are taken.  KEEP YOUR CARS LOCKED!  One break-in in Burland.  There have been young men dropped off in various areas who claim to be selling magazines.  While doing that they seem to be scanning the area.  Also, people have said they don’t get the magazines that they order.  BE AWARE of people on your property.  Some insurance companies are sending representatives to value properties and they don’t announce themselves.  Motion to accept report was made by Greg Pearson, seconded by Kathy Pearson and carried.

Picnic Shelter by Paul Ellis:  Paul has contacted a General Contractor to go over the plans for the shelter.  Results were that some changes have to be made to meet the snow load requirements.  He couldn’t stamp the plans in the present state.  Paul will make the necessary changes and Danny will take plans to the County.

Old Business:  Thanks to Joe Morris for finishing the top of the picnic table at the pond.

Paul Ellis showed the green property marker that the Fire Dept. is going to require homeowners to put on their property.  It was agreed to get one for the ECHPOA building.

New Business:  Kathy Pearson suggested we get a new battery for the smoke alarm that kept beeping throughout the whole meeting.

There was a unanimous vote to adjourn at 8:20 P.M.

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