May 1, 2019


The meeting was brought to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:04 pm.

The minutes for the April meeting were handed out to be reviewed. There were no corrections or additions.  Tim Bradley made a motion to accept the minutes, Greg Clarkson seconded.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Ellis explained that the grounds keeping expense of $242.10 was grass seeds for the corral pasture. Mentioning this in the minutes will help identify the correct category to place this expense when creating the annual financial statement at the end of the year.  The annual property and liability insurance premium of $1,094.70 has been paid.  Sending out another post card urging new and renewal membership was discussed.  Karen will look into the feasibility.  Stamps are a large expense.  (See links below to view Treasurer’s reports)

Activity Report – Saturday, May 18th will be our next Firewise Community Work Day.  Volunteers will meet at association building at 9:00 am. Paul has not yet received any requests for help from the community.  He has identified a couple of trees that need to come down on his own property.  This Saturday, May 4th will be a Fire Adaptive Bailey (FAB) presentation held at Platte Canyon Fire Station #2, from 2-4 pm. A portion of this presentation will focus on preparing to help seniors and children evacuate during a wildfire.  FAB encourages all community members to attend this educational presentation to learn how to keep your home safe from embers.  Saturday, May 18th is also the Harris Park gun range clean up, from 8 am to noon.

Building Report – Thanks to Eric Whitcomb for all trash removal he has done around the corral and association building. We again discussed the need for rain gutters.  Quotes for installation were reviewed and will be revisited at July meeting.  Colorado rule now allows each household to collect rain water from roof gutter downspouts into 2 barrels with a combined capacity of 110 gallons that can be used for outdoor watering. This water could be used for the horses.

Pond Report – The water level of the pond had come up 47 inches in two weeks and continued to rise until it was high enough to begin flowing out the outlet. Paul and Karen had an encouraging meeting with a 2nd organization willing to donate to Save Our Pond.  We are hoping to have at least two partners before the October deadline to meet again with the County Commissioners. Tim suggested that once the remodeling loan is paid off, to earmark some of the building rent money for the pond.  Karen and Paul will be on vacation in June, so Walt Wark and Tim agreed to log pond water levels, well water meter usage, purchased corral gallons, and fill out forms every Saturday during their absence.  They will also open the pond overflow if flooding occurs to protect the road.  Many thanks to Clif Barrett, Ed Montgomery and Paul for clearing the ice blockage that allowed Church Fork Creek to begin flowing into the pond again.  Also, many thanks to Kristin Barber and Karen for scraping and staining the dock, and to Kristin, Eric, Ed, Karen and Paul for launching it.  Also, many thanks to Paul, Walt and Tim for shoveling dirt to make a foot path to the staff gauge.  Karen has ordered trout for delivery in June.  The Riparian Reconnect group received 2 grants and could begin restoring the 10 beaver dams along our wetlands as early as July!  They are asking for community commitment of $10,000 which could be either in cash or in-kind labor.  Any volunteer labor would be at a rate of $50 per hour, which comes out to be about 200 hours.  For an example; it would be 10 hours each if we had 20 volunteers.

Corral Report – Pat McCrary and Jeff DeBerry have pulled down and relocated the fence in the area north of the old hay barn to make room to park horse trailers and tractors. Many thanks to them for helping to remove the heavy cement incinerators, picnic table and bench.  We now have an area open for a few RV trailer storage space and possibly a little extra income.

Blog Report – Karen reported that the number of hits in April were the highest since 3 years ago.   There were 507 hits, 11 new articles, 45 pictures, and 1 new page.  Google ECHPOA if you want to see the amazing job Karen does with the Blog.

Old Business – Nothing to report

New Business – Tim is again looking into pond aerators. Reminder that Crow Hill Insurance Shred-a-Thon is Saturday, June 22nd.  Elk Creek Drive was graded on April 24th.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm.


Below is a link to the ECHPOA Treasurer’s Report ending April 30, 2019.