May 2, 2018


The meeting was brought to order by President Paul Ellis at 7:08 pm. The minutes of the last meeting were handed out to be reviewed.  There were no additions or corrections.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Helen Cook and seconded by Patrick McCrary.  The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report – Karen Ellis reported that she separated the Building Remodel balance from the General Fund to better keep track of expenses. We sold our 1st Park County Fishing Permit of which $25 went into the Fish Fund and $75 into Save Our Pond Donations.  Motion to accept the report was made by Helen and seconded by Ed Montgomery.  The motion carried.

April 4, 2018
Fish Fund                                        $   2,951.97
General Fund                                       2,134.25
Building Remodel                              2,398.00      ($2,500-$102 Building Permit)
Save Our Pond Donations                4,246.00
Checking Account                         $11,730.22

Membership Dues                         $     400.00
Fishing Permits                              $     200.00      (1st Park County Fishing Permit sold=$25)Fish Food Machine                        $         0.00
Corral                                               $      428.35
Donations-Save Our Pond           $     382.00      (1st Park County Fishing Permit sold=$75)Building Rental                              $          0.00      (Paid through June)
Total Income:                                $  1,410.35

IREA                                                 $      158.95      February-March electric bill
Colorado Natural Gas                   $       122.78      March-April gas bill
H2 Plumbing & Heating               $    1,575.00     Added shower base and washer box
Paul Ellis                                          $       139.13
(Firewise Work Day lunch=$96.18, 2nd certified mail summons reply=$3.95, fish food replacement globe & decals=$34, permit notary=$5)
Total Expenses:                             $ 1,995.86

May 2, 2018                                                            2018=56 members, 39 with fishing permits
Fish Fund                                        $    3,117.97      ($800 secured for Save Our Pond)
General Fund                                       2,580.74
Building Remodel                                  818.00
Save Our Pond Donations                4,628.00
Checking Account                          $11,144.71

Activities Report – Paul reported that there were 8 volunteers for the Firewise Community Work Day on Saturday, April 28th.  2 properties were mitigated, and lunch was held at Crow Hill Café afterwards.  Paul obtained a Firewise handout called “Fire Spread on Ember-Ignited Decks” and briefly discussed the steps to take to help reduce fire risk of wind-blown embers onto your deck.  Karen has also posted this handout on the blog.  There may be 1 or 2 additional Firewise work days this summer, dates to be announced later.  Mark Wesseldine, Platte Canyon Fire District, stated they have a chipper and are willing to come take care of any slash for $100 per hour with 2 men to feed the machine.  A date would need to be scheduled, slash needs to be stacked near the road at each house, out of the right away, with the branch ends out.  Motion to accept the report was made by Walt Wark and seconded by Karen.  The motion carried.

Building Report – Paul reported that Herb Swindler added a shower base and washer box to rough in plumbing and Simon Lawson relocated the bathroom lighting and roughed in laundry circuits. Plans to replace breaker switches next week and we hope to have the closet framed as well.  Motion to accept the report was made by Helen and seconded by Ed. The motion carried.

Corral Report – Helen reported that several fence posts were replaced and new wire fencing added. 2 roofs are currently leaking; where the hay is stored and where the tack/saddles are kept.  Wind storms removed quite a bit of the roofing material on the hay barn.  Karen noted that $1,000 is budgeted for corral repairs.  Pat said they would like to enlarge the gate to make it easier when delivering water using the big trailer and the 250 gallon tank.  Half the pine needles collected during the Firewise work day was added and mixed into the compost manure pile.  The grass seed is growing.  Patrick’s horse has been introduced to the herd.  Motion to accept the report was made by Karen and seconded by Walt.  The motion carried.

Pond Report – Paul reported that the dock was launched with the help of Walt and Ed. Park County Road Department came back and uncovered the top pond drainage which had been covered up during their road repair.  The lower drainage still needs to be uncovered.  One Park County Fishing Permit has been sold, Ted Stein heard from another person interested after posting it on social media.  Paul posted flyers at a few Bailey businesses.  Unfortunately, West Denver Trout Unlimited decided to keep their conservation efforts with Clear Creek only.  Paul then contacted Cutthroat Chapter Trout Unlimited, which is based in Littleton and has South Platte River projects. Paul has not yet heard back from them, Colorado Water Conservation Board, or Izaak Walton League of America to hopefully match our donation fund.  He has also not heard back from Harris Park about forming a partnership to utilize their water rights and augmentation water.  Liley Fisheries will be stocking our pond fish sometime this month or next and will call first to schedule delivery.  Motion to accept the report was made by Patrick and seconded by Walt.  The motion carried.

Blog Report – Karen reported the number of hits were not as high as the last 3 months, however were higher than average. There were 389 hits, 6 new articles, 5 new pictures, and 1 new page.  Motion to accept the report was made by Ed and seconded by Helen.  The motion carried.

Old Business – There was no old business.

New Business – The second life ring needs to be placed at the east end of the pond. Mark reported that the Shooting Range is closed due to a scheduled prescribed burn in Harris Park. However, because of all the recent rain and green grasses, it may need to be postponed, maybe as late as fall because of the wildfire season.  Helen asked about ordering Firewise reflective address signs.  Karen volunteered to contact Kathy Lower to get them for $10 each.

Motion to adjourn the meeting was made at 7:48 pm by Walt and seconded by Ed. The motion carried.